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[Global Reminder] The report button exists for a reason!

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Good morning!


Just a quick reminder for everyone that the report button is one of the best friends your mod team has for knowing what's going down around this very large and active forum.


If you see something that you think would benefit from mod action, whether it be a thread careening wildly off topic, a total duplicate of that other thread you just read yesterday, or someone behaving in a way that is less than charitable to their fellow forumites, the best thing to do is to use the report button at the bottom of the post in question. Particularly, if people are name-calling or otherwise being inappropriate, that is the primary way to call it to our attention in a way that does not risk perpetuating any drama or inappropriateness.


Reporting a post or a thread does not have any negative consequences for the person reporting and is incredibly helpful for those of us charged with maintaining order and civility in our limited free time.


Thanks! Sniff on, y'all.

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