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BPAL Madness!
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BPAL Book Club Group Read Round 13!

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Hello hello! If you haven't stopped by Book Club recently, we are currently brainstorming entrants for the first ever March Madness style bracket here at BPAL.org. But we're choosing sports teams, or even favorite Lab product (although that has a definitely ring to it). Instead, we are brainstorming as many books from which the Lab has chosen inspiration for a group read showdown!


Sound like fun? Then stop on over here and see if you can think of any I missed - of particular interest are specific works by Poe, Lovecraft, Clive Barker and specific Sherlock Holmes books, as well as poetry and other works from the General Catalog.


We need around 20 more titles to make for a full bracket of 64 and ideas on how to break things up are welcome as well. Nominations are open through January and then I will be on the hunt for a bracket generator.


Come join us!

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