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BPAL Madness!

Asterias Bath Oil

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Sweet apricot, white honey, orris root, white sandalwood, and white peach.

Asterias, where do I start?

Well, this is my second review (I think?). Anyhow, This smells absolutely amazing!

First sniff in the bottle: Sweet sweet fruit drenched in honey. A co-worker said it smelled like chocolate. Possibly white chocolate? I can get the briefest whiff of such, but it's so soft... My man said he smelled coconut through the bottle. Yes people, through! Until I opened it for him and then he caught the honey with hints of fruit. No Orris or White Sandalwood as of yet.

Rubbed on arm: Oh, it's so silky! My skin absolutely loves it. Surprisingly didn't make my skin look like it was stuck in a tub full of baby oil. Most bath/body oils tend to do that with me. I've only found a handful of brands that don't and now BPAL/BPTP I can safely say is added to that small group. I ge more of the apricot on my skin, though there seems to be an air of Sandalwood... Oh how I love thee... It lasted for, well all night. I am completely impressed, as I'm not a huge fan of apricot and I kind of bought this out of a whim. I can be impulsive and it's a terrible thing!

In the bath: It's sandalwood and orris and honeyed peach! The apricot lingers in the background and the soak is lovely. After about fifteen minutes and it still smelled as strong as when I first put the oil in. What's even weirder? Is that to me, it smells like a very artsy/sophisticated candy. One that incorporates oddities of the plant world with the norms we all know and love.

The drying off: Yup, I think this is a favorite for Bath Oils! I smell like sweet sandalwood and peach! Apricot likes to stay on the sidelines, offering support with the grounding orris. Honey just blankets them all in a thin sheet.

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This is fabulous! It starts off with a bright apricot note without being overly fruity, and dries down to a skin-like honey and sandalwood. I find that a lot of the bath oils tend to be a bit too over the top for me, but this one works really well. It adds to you own skin scent without clashing or being perfumey. The orris tempers both the woodiness of the sandalwood and the sweetness of the honey. It really is a lovely bath oil.

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I threw a bottle of Asterias in with my huge Christmas order at the last minute. It's the one of the group I was most iffy about, as honey and I do not usually get along.


Opening the cap I was immediately surrounded by a cloud of apricot and honey. Seriously, this one was strong and absolutely delicious. I use my bath oils as after shower moisturizers, so today I decided to give it a try.


The first thing I noticed was that this oil seemed heavier than the older ones I have. It took more of a squeeze to get it out of the bottle versus the usual pour. It also seemed to cling to the skin better, and to be more moisturizing altogether. I am hopeful that this consistancy is a trend with all of the bath oils I just bought.


On the skin, the apricot and peach disappear and I get a lot of true to life honey and a tiny bit of floral plastic. It reminds me of this Strawberry Shortcake doll I had back in the 80s, so it isn't unpleasant.


Dried down and three hours later, it smells light and floral, almost peach blossoms instead of actual fruit. The honey is now more of a background note, along with the woody tang I associate with sandalwood. My skin is soft and doesn't feel tight or dry at all. Overall I am very pleased with this impulse purchase.

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Sweet white peach, apricot, honey and a hint of sandalwood.


This one is a richer, peachier blend than say Sugared Peaches. It's less sweet than Sugared Peaches, and has more dimensions.


And despite that, it's still too sweet for me.


As for texture, just like the other bath oils, it's silky and moisturizing.

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