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A Reminder About Swaplift Reporting

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Just a quick reminder that we do not automatically ban folks from swapping on the basis of a single fault or negative feeback report. Generally speaking, we look for multiple events before taking Mod action. We leave feedback and swaplift reports open to the membership so that people can individually access the level of risk they are willing to take on.


This means that it is important not only to check the feedback for anyone you're swapping with, but also to write a report for negative experiences. Note that leaving feedback is separate from completing an unresolved swaps report (links go to forms). Therefore, if you are swaplifted, or have an otherwise unresolved swap, you need to complete both forms. It is also helpful to pm the swaps mods (currently maewitch and Silvertree, or emzebel for Circular Swaps) so that we know that a report has been filed, as it is not an automated system. Using these systems are the only way we have of tracking a concerted pattern of negative swaps behavior on the part of any individual.



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