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BPAL Madness!
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Our three new (or improved!) areas: cookbook, swaplift/incomplete swaps, and feedback

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For those of you who love to cook and share recipes, we now have a cookbook. Please, use it! You may add recipes, rate/discuss recipes, save them, print them, and more!



For those of you who have ever had a swap/sale/etc gone bad, we have a swaplift, failed swap, and incomplete swap reporting center. Please report any swap, sale, custom purchase, group order, or decant circle that went wrong -- we let you decide who's at fault (and that can be nobody). The only reports that count against the person you're reporting are the ones where they are at fault. If you have been reported for swaplifting, please feel free to use the comments to speak up! Only you and the person reporting you can post (not even the mods can post a comment!).



For those of you who miss the feedback system: I hope to get something up on Sunday. I'll bump this when it's up & update the forum-wide announcement.

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