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BPAL Madness!
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Contest: name our new (potential) pay-it-forward/contest forum!

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There are some "pay it forward" swaps in circular swaps, but we are talking about starting a new forum for things like contests and pay it forward. Pretty much, as soon as it's got a name, we'll do it & I'll mod the close-own-swap so those don't archive (coz they're fun to read through!)


Anyone with a good name suggestion for that forum, hit the report button for this post and offer it! If I pick your suggestion, I'll give you a bigger PM box. If multiple people suggest the winner, I'll give all of those that suggested it a bigger PM boxes :) There's already all sorts of great ideas - and most of them are waaaaaaaaaaay better than what I was thinking!


NOTE #1: PMs with suggestions will simply be deleted.


NOTE #2: One report per person, please! You can have multiple suggestions in one report.



I think we're gonna close this up on Friday :)

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