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Clarification regarding arranging event pick ups

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Just a rules clarification:


There are no "pre-sales" or early sign-ups for decant circles and group orders, especially for conventions and special events. This includes pick up offers (which are considered by us to be group orders).


We don't know what will or will not come, how much will come, how much it will cost, if it will be come in imps, or how much will be unavailable, which means that we cannot tell if it meets the criteria for our decant circles or group orders.


You cannot start a wanted topic, decant circle or group orders, or allow sign-ups, for one that you are planning to do here, until it is LIVE (meaning, can be purchased at the time you start the circle's thread). All decant circles/group orders will be denied until the start of the events and all wanted topics will be made invisible.


You cannot answer a wanted topic until it is LIVE. I know, it's frustrating, but there is no guarantee that your picker upper can get the number of bottles they promise.


You cannot request that your swap/sale partners pay for part of your travel expenses, including admissions to the event. Requesting these expenses outside of an approved group order or decant circle is a violation of our group order/decant circle policies, as well as a violation of our price caps.



Please let any moderator know if you are contacted by anyone who is not following our rules regarding event purchasing.

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