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BPAL Madness!
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International Shipping Addendum

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In my emotional urgh of having to post the price adjustment grid, I somehow omitted part of the flat rate explanation for BPAL’s international shipping.


Please, please accept my apologies; yesterday was a very emotional, difficult day, and I screwed the pooch on posting the correct info for international orders.


We use USPS Flat Rate on most international shipments. The Flat Rate service offered by USPS features a fixed price per package, regardless of weight. As a rule, we can fit up to 20 items in International Flat Rate packaging with occasional exceptions.


The International Flat Rate shipping fee is $14.00 for all orders up to 20 bottles (or 240 imps); the rate jumps to $29.00 on orders containing more that 20 items that won’t entirely fit in the Flat Rate box. Shipping is free for all orders that exceed $500.


For Canadian orders, $12.00 will cover shipments up to 20 items; the price is $21.00 for shipping over 20 items.


For orders to Russia and Poland, please email us for a freight quote.


We have looked at other shipping methods often in the past, and did so again recently. USPS has the most competitive rates on international shipping by far. Here are some sample rate quotes for a one pound shipment from other freight carriers:


FedEx: To Canada $20.06; to UK $57.85; to Australia $65.61

UPS: To Canada $27.72; to UK $83.05; to Australia $94.12

DHL: To Canada $53.44; to UK $72.71; to Australia $77.69


Under no circumstances will we ship USPS First Class. We tried in years past, and there was an unmanageable series of problems with that method of shipping, ranging from damaged and missing packages to absurdly long times that the packages spent in transit. I understand that First Class is the cheapest option, but it is not a reliable method of shipping, and we just won’t do it. It is expensive for us to reship orders, and, in the end, First Class is a frustrating experience for our international customers all-around.


I have corrected my omission on my initial post about the shipping charges. Apologies for the error!

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