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BPAL Madness!

Harvest Moon 2008

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This Harvest lunacy combines the autumnal scents of balsam fir, cedar, juniper berry, clove, saffron, damson plum, sage, black cherry, and fennel with the crushed wine grapes of Dionysus and Janus' lingum aloes.

Source: My own from-the-lab bottle

In the bottle: Wine and cedarwood mixed with herbs. Strong, almost astringent, but heady and compelling.

Wet: Wine remains prominent, and the woods - cedar and fir - as well as the juniper really jump out. There is a rich undertone of fruit, and a sweet, green background that is the aloe. This is incredibly well-balanced on me. I can pick out so many of the notes, and they all smell like win.

Dry: The fruit and wine notes soften on the drydown, and the woods and herbs remain in the fore. This is a little spicy, all autumn/winter richness, like mulled wine in a rustic cabin. Delicious.

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I received an imp of this and I'm absolutely delighted with it! It's a wonderful, happy Autumnal scent that is everything about living out in the rural backwoods!



In the bottle: Very strong! Something green and astringent. Definitely cedar, balsam fir and juniper.

Wet: Oh, I like this! Very spring-like. Grassy, not mown. Warm night breeze. Again, lots of balsam fir, juniper and cedar. And a bit of sage.

Dry: Yes, more of the fresh late evening breezes. Sage, fennel, and now I can smell the black cherry and aloes. The woods are starting to take a back seat, but still there. Will keep this one. Is a very happy scent.

Later: Aaaand there’s the plums and grapes. Good staying power on this one, too!


Now I just need to find a few more imps of this. Or someone willing to part with a bottle! :D

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Interesting. I get a lot more wet leaves and cinnamon out of this than fir and wine. Which is not a bad thing. It's not overly... anything. It's a good even blend with a definite fall personality that, in my opinion, is toward the feminine side of unisex, because there's an underlying fruity sweetness that pushes it that direction. What throws is the spices, however, so I think I can get away with this one. This gift imp is a keeper. Very nice.

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Wet: Gah Autumn Candle. Oodles of sticky dark fruit and trees.


15 minutes: Hi there clove! I remember why I kept this bottle now! It isn't clove like cigarettes or food, this is a very perfumey clove, if that makes sense. Still fruit, but it has settled down into something heady and gorgeous instead of just FROOT. The trees are still there in the background, but this is not at all Christmas-y on me,


30 minutes: I can definitely understand the mulled wine comparisons, but this one doesn't smell like anything I'd actually drink.... Still not foody. I think it's the trees in the background that dry the whole concoction out. It's like the smell of a fall market, perhaps, with bundles of firewood, piles of spices, and bottles of wine all out on display.


I really like it.



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