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BPAL Madness!
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Temple: Yoruba

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Oooo, I'm nervous to be the first to review this! I'll do my best!


First impression: A sharp, earthen scent. There is a "bite" to this that smells woodsy or piney. There is a resinous / smoky nature to the background notes. A hazy, opium tone That conjours images of druids and ancient temples.


On the dry down: This softens up a bit. The bite resides, and it settles into an earthy smelling scent with a bit of a sexy, incensey background. There may be some soft florals floating lazily around. I'm also reminded of dried, pleasant smelling dirt and musty corners.


This one is a bit of a shape shifter, and it's very complex and I'm having a hard time picking out the notes. Everytime I sniff it, it smells a bit differently. Overall an earthy/resinous scent with medium throw. Defintely a "brown" scent for me. :P

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