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Small changes in how price cap violations are handled

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Starting today, we are handling price cap violations slightly differently. We have found that with over 70 price cap violations to date, it's harder to track the way we have been doing, and many violations have been going unmarked. These changes are not very different from our current policy, except that we now use the warning system to keep records of previous price cap violations.


Even after 90 days, price cap violation warnings will remain in the warning log for moderator records, but they will not affect your warning level after 90 days. Warnings for things other than price cap violations (such as for duplicate topic) will NOT affect your access to the swaps forum.

  • First price cap violation: After the first price cap violation, a reminder will be issued.
  • Second price cap violation: After the second price cap violation, a warning will be issued. This warning will NOT be reversed upon fixing the violations.
  • Third price cap violation: After the third price cap violation, the individual will be suspended from the swaps are for two months. A warning will be issued.
  • Fourth price cap violation: After the fourth price cap violation, the individual will be permanently suspended from the swaps. No warning because they can't commit the offense any more.

Since Decant This pro-actively deals with the pricing issues (eg, the pre-approval of all threads), it will NOT be affected by this. Swaps, For Sale, and Wanted WILL be.



Over the next two weeks, we will be retroactively adding warnings to the warn log for price cap violations. Warnings over 90 days old will be neutralized after we add in all of the price caps, but you may see a temporary rise in your warning level.

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