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BPAL Madness!
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Is it OK to for me to sell BPAL-scented products?

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"Is it OK for someone to sell BPAL-scented products" is a complicated issue.


Unless the Lab posts something saying "hey, we're looking for someone who makes [x] because we want to extend our product line", the probability is INCREDIBLY HIGH that the answer will be a very strong no regardless of the terms you offer.


Like most other businesses, they carefully license the right to use their fragrances in derivative products (including, but not limited to: incense, powder, solid perfume, body spray, candles, bath bombs, bath oil, bath gel, soap, other bath & beauty products, sachets, potpourri).



However, it's perfectly acceptable to create such items for personal use (and in fact, the Beyond Perfume forum is full of ideas of things you can do with your BPAL other than "just" perfume), and to help others to do the same.


We take no stance on gifting derivative products, but none of that "$5 for shipping with a free gift -- a 2oz jar of O-scented shea butter" y'hear?

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