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BPAL Madness!

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The perfume of eternity in vast, unknowable space. A glittering oil, ephemeral, iridescent, and horrifying in its immeasurable emptiness. This is the scent of air and darkness.


There has to be juniper in this. It's the only thing that can account for the woody, spicy, slightly lemony edge I'm picking up. There is also this realy aquatic note that could be seaweed based, but really bottoms out the bouncy, odd sweetness that's in the upper notes.

As it dries, I'm getting more of the violet that others noticed, but there is this weird bitter, sharp bottom note that should clash but just doesn't. Of all the things I've tried, it resembles Valmont the most in it's masculine florals, but it's just unlike everything I've ever tried.

So glad I hunted down a very full bottle!

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