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    Star Wars, Comics, Faeries, Dragons, Unicorns (particularly M. Pena versions of fantasy statues), Stargate (SG-1 & Atlantis), Fantasy/Sci-Fi Lit, Historical Fiction, Emerald Rose, Neil Gaiman, Mercedes Lackey, Tamora Pierce, baking, cooking, costuming, Harry Potter, herbalism, drawing, Doctor Who (new drs!), painting, rpgs like D&D...<br /><br />Artists: M. Pena's statues (especially the dragons and unicorns), I wish I could afford Haikujaguar's commissions! I love Ruth Thompson's work, especially her angel pieces.<br /><br />More as I think of them.. Probably ought to organize this too. :p
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    Crowley, Aziraphale, Nuit, Pele, Aureus, Death of Autumn, Snow Moon, Priala the Human Pheonix, Litha, Mr. Jacquel, Pirate Moon I tend to do well with amber, myrrh, I love sandalwood. Musks seem to vary. Most of the aquatics go Irish Spring on me at best. :(


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    Capricorn, and I can't remember if mine is Sagg rising and Virgo moon, or the other way around.
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  1. darkblade

    Traveling with BPAL

    I wouldn't count on that.. I am too, and travel a fair bit.
  2. darkblade

    The Chapel 2008

    It starts out dark. It's sharp, but not a smooth sharp blade.. it's one that has jagged chips in it. I'm starting to get burned wood. As it dries, the wine notes come out.. yes, it is a bitter or slightly off wine, but it actually is behaving as a wine, which doesn't usually happen on me. \o/ I'm not getting -anything- like Samhain, though. After a bit, the wine sweetens up a little. Slightly smokey, and aha, there's the granite.. About an hour later, it's doing the bits I find awesome in Brimstone, with touches of wine and incense. A few hours later, it's mostly gone. However, this is the fourth new oil to do this on me.. I think I might be dehydrated.
  3. darkblade


    Wet: Wow. That.. is very very pungently smokey. Dry: O_O OMG. LOVE! Burning spice and smoke and... ooo I so cannot adequately describe this. Half an hour later: Still love
  4. darkblade

    Stormclouds Over The Midway

    Wet: Hooray! Storm that is not Irish Spring! and definitely incense, possibly a bit of burning wood as well.. though it's not your normal campfire/stove type wood. Dry: Ack! Where did everything go? Faint incense.. and the pause before the storm. Half an hour: A little more incense, and stray bits of cotton candy. I may need to retry this and just slather it. Or moisturize first. I've washed my hands several times today. (Before application!)
  5. darkblade

    Midnight on the Midway (2006)

    Wet: Bubblegum and cotton candy Dry: Bubbleyum bubblegum. Which.. I am not really looking for in perfume. I don't like bubblegum flavored anything EXCEPT bubblegum. Toothpaste and candy flavored that way makes me gag. An hour later: Bubbleyum with a slightly sickly vanilla cream tone. Verdict: No thanks!
  6. darkblade

    The Stormhold

    Wet: Definitely ozone, though it isn't quite doing that "IRISH SPRING SCENT!" thing as much as Thunder Moon and other storm scents. Dry: Getting the wet, but not so much of the granite. An hour later, it's faded a lot. After two, it's pretty much gone.
  7. darkblade


    I find myself staring at the flow of green hair as it rippled in the light current, entranced. Movement at the corner of my eye loosens the trance, and sensation finally permeates--dampness, on the back of my hand. Blinking, I look down and raise it to sniff. Ew! Was that a cat? Did it just PEE at me? I shake it off and frown. Perhaps it was not a cat. Perhaps it was a hallucination from passing the bar earlier.. but no, the liquid has dried and is still quite distinctly cat pee. I briefly consider rinsing my hand in the pond, but her chill look gives me pause. I continue to walk about the carnaval, and two hours pass... finally, it has tapered out to a mere faint hint of cat pee, with a vaguely unpleasant floral mix. Parthenope's pond is not one I will return to. ------ Seriously. How did this turn to cat pee?
  8. darkblade


    AmyAngel, I'm sorry it didn't work, but your review cracked me up. On a test from the rim of an empty bottle, I got a looot of creaminess with vanilla tones. Agreeing with the cookie assessment. A couple hours later, I'm getting some of the spice. I didn't really get much myrrh, but I need to retest from the actual decant to be sure this is how it will run. (My hands were too bad to open imps this morning.)
  9. darkblade

    How do you apply your BPAL oils?

    Heh. Nope. I upend the bottle once against each wrist, then apply wrists to opposing inner elbows. It depends on the scent, and how much I want to smell like it. For light ones like Vampire Tears or Phantom Wooer, I'll apply straight to one wrist, rub my wrists together, then rub each wrist on my neck and shoulders. (And in my hair, if there's still a lot of oil to go around...) If it's one that has a lot of throw, I just apply from the edge of the bottle, or the cap. I like the idea with the bobby pins though. I may have to use that in the future. o_O I couldn't imagine putting that much oil on at once. And I couldn't imagine putting on less! I am kind of amazed at people who use just the amount on one dip of an imp wand, or just dot from the residue on the cap - it's not a criticism, it's just because I'd never be able to smell the perfume that way! Either I eat scents, or my life-long allergies have shot my sense of smell and I'm happily stinking out everyone around me. Seriously, though, I don't think I'm stinking people out, because when I *do* overapply, I can tell; it's just that most scents are completely unnoticeable on me unless I apply more generously (I just stick my index finger over the top of the bottle and invert, but I'll do it a few times depending on the scent). Maybe it's because I don't like most of the really strong varieties of scents (resins, patchouli, that kind of thing). That makes sense.. I like a lot of the resins, amber, woods, incense ones. I'm also mildly asthmatic and can be oversensitive to some smells.
  10. darkblade

    Scent for Halloween?

    I wore Litha for midsummer
  11. What about Gamaliel? I am having a helluva time finding any. It's from the Sephiroth/Qiploth line.
  12. darkblade

    Temperature and BPAL

    I don't work for the lab, but being very cold makes glass more brittle, and shipping with dry ice tends to be -very- pricey. That's how they mail ice cream and meat. I've often found that the problem isn't that the mail is hot, it's that it quickly BECOMES hot when sitting in the mailbox.
  13. darkblade

    What smells like Irish Spring Soap?

    I totally get Irish Spring soap off of Thunder Moon. I have to wait at least two hours after application for it to do things I -like.- Which isn't to say Irish Spring is an awful smell, just that if I wanted to smell like that I'd just get the soap!
  14. darkblade

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    >.> Do ALL of the American Gods/Anansi Boys scents have that picture of the book? I realized I might be confused cause the only BOTTLE I have is of Mr. Jacquel and I assumed the book fit with Anubis... all the rest of mine are imps with fan designed labels.
  15. darkblade

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Does anyone have what Earth Rat looks like?