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    Notes: Sandalwood, Lavender, Powder, Lemon, Gardenia, Musks, Verbena, Lily, Honey, Vanilla, Tonka, Ozone, Crystalline (sp?), Greens Blends: Antique Lace, Dorian, Buck Moon *omfg*, The Antikythera Mechanism, Sea of Glass, Snow Maiden, Enraged Bunny Musk, TKO, Velvet, Stardust: Yyvain, Coral Snake, MB: Tokyo Stomp, Shroud, Alice, O, Black Lily, High John the Conqueror, Lolita, Midnight on the Midway, Faiza, the Black Mamba... Funny what time does to tastes. I had a wee little stash and really like to wear my bpal rather then horde it. :)


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  1. tristessa

    Freak Show

    Definitely an "intimately familiar" smell for me. This is SO good aged, guys. I mean... so good. Mine is in the cobalt bottle and I haven't put it on in many years, maybe 2008 being the last time I even looked at it until today. OMG OMG OMG OMG. It's just deliciously aged. I smell this and think it's what snake oil's freaky sister would smell like-- but not sure. I've never actually worn Snake Oil and sadly, it's not able to be purchased now, so I wouldn't know. I've just been told it's got that same feeling. It's definitely a cocoa or fig scent with a lemony-afterthought and weirdly, to my brain, that doesn't sound so good as a scent I would ever want to wear. Yet, when you put it on, it's so *familiar* and comforting? But then with a little edge, perhaps that's the pomegranate? I love this blend, and it gets MUCH better with age. I don't remember liking it that much back when I bought it...
  2. tristessa

    Schrodinger's Cat

    Oooh it's citrus + oakmoss that's doing it for me! This scent was a rando-pick out of the bag of imps I haven't tried in a while. I was immediately in love and happy sniffing it all day long. I love citrus scents and my skin drinks them up. Lush's Sun perfume actually knocked out my morning sickness with my last baby-- it's orange and sandalwood. So I'm thinking it MUST be that woody, citrus that makes me LOVE this! I just wish it lasted longer. When it dries down, it takes on a sexy quality and I don't really smell that yummy ORANGE which is very in-your-face when you put it on. So, I probably wont buy a bottle, but will love the imp while I have it.
  3. tristessa

    Buck Moon

    This is my "holy grail" BPAL and I absolutely could not live without it. I guess one day I might have to because this is a rare one to find! I will take any imp, decant and bottle I can get my little hands on. I sadly feel like I have to wear it sparingly, because there of course, is nothing else like it. I have one pretty much empty bottle from a trunk show and one full aged bottle. Wet: I smell spice, but it's not like the kind you'd cook with. I really don't know what kind of "spice" it is, it just has that overpowering spicy kick to it when I first put it on. In the bottle I smell spice too, which I found odd as I don't know what that could be. It's fun to try and guess. This part has mellowed a lot in the trunk show version, less so in the aged cobalt bottle which I found odd! Dry: This morphs into the most amazing skin musk that is super crystal clean. Like fresh cut grass or woods but without the earthy smells you'd expect from that. I always imagine I'm a sweet little fawn wandering through the forest when I wear this. It's so fresh and innocent and girly. Few hours later: This is my kind of scent as it lasts ALL day even after a sweaty workout! I love how I smell it on my pillowcase and it's helped me drift off to sleep. Once dried down, it's got this animalistic quality and that is what gives me the "Buck Moon" visual, or the masculinity of this blend, but it's still so soft and sexy. It's also one of the only blends my husband goes crazy for, which makes sense because it works so well with my skin. I wish I could obtain many, many bottles!
  4. I'm surprised to not see Buck Moon here... unless I screwed up the search. For me the LOUDEST scents are the best ones, I don't like scents that don't have a nice throw and sometimes the subtlest ones do. --Antique Lace --Champagne Lace --Buck Moon --Dorian --Shroud --Delousing Powder --Perversion That's just my list today. I love how BPAL prefs change for me over the years and some scents my skin ate are now smelling different as they age and I guess, so do I!
  5. tristessa


    This has chardonnay? I don't smell that at all. This does however have that skin musk scent that is LOVELY and I have to say, I am crazy about this! I find it very sexy and even gender-neutral which I really like. I guess it is a foodie scent but one that doesn't amp sweet, but smoke, vanilla and booze. LOVE.
  6. tristessa

    Belle Vinu

    Trying this one out from smelling it in the imp and liking it. Wet it was a bit acidic, lemony. Dry, I get no sandalwood and my skin normally LOVES it. I just get rose and more rose with this one. Unfortunately, that's a big fat NO for keeping because my DH hates any kind of rose scents and will tease me about smelling like a grandma. It's a bit one dimensional for me, perhaps the peach is what is doing it. I always find peach "scent" to smell like plastic? This is in the giveaway pile I think...
  7. tristessa

    Champagne Lace

    I put this on immediately after getting it ONE day after ordering (Dark Delicacies is only 3 hours south from me and WOW it got here fast!). I dabbed a tiny dot in the crook of my left arm and have been smelling it ALL night. Antique lace is my favorite BPAL scent, so I know it well and this is what pushed me to buy this. Applying wet, I thought "Ugh I don't like this!" when I first sniffed it. That I'm guessing must have been the champagne. I guess I'd rather drink champagne then smell it? It was just much too much. But this has that beautiful soft familiar "lace" scent, like Antique Lace does, but without the sweetness. I smell more amber or musk, or I guess this must be the booze + smoke? I don't usually like anything with booze or ambers... Hollywood Babylon actually nauseates me now, so I stay away from ambers. Maybe it's more of a animalistic musk? I was really thinking this wouldn't be for me, but now waft after waft, it's just the most SEXIEST scent. I imagine this as Antique Lace's drunk cousin and hell yes, I'd hang out with her. Loving this! EDIT: Today I noticed the familiarity was another BPAL scent I know and love. Funny enough, this is Delousing Powder. It is INTENSE the same way, but dries down for me as a powdery lemon. This is like powdered linens. I'm so obsessed with this scent!
  8. tristessa

    So you're devastated about Antique Lace...

    AL is one of my most adored oils and my signature scent if I had to choose... has it been officially discontinued yet? UGH this is sad sad news! I just enabled my 'lil sister and she's all over AL, she almost used her whole bottle and its only been a short time since she got it. Hrmm I think Enraged Bunny Musk isn't at all like AL but a scent I really like. I thought Pink Moon's pepper was a bit overpowering actually. The Girl smells similar out of the decant I have, but I haven't tried it on the skin yet. And Morocco, I didn't find this to be like AL at all. How weird. My other sister has a bottle from like, 2006 sitting at her house unused somewhere. I should ask her about it... haha. I would recommend a GC that's not on this list but is amazing... Antikthera Mechanism. It's a vanilla-ish scent although its quite different, this would have to be my second favorite oil. Anyone agree?
  9. tristessa

    Hellion v2

    Wearing this in mah scent locket today and I have to say, I'm not in love like I thought I'd be. It smelled really good out of the bottle, I got mostly a dark delicious plum and not too much spice. Once warmed, the spice keeps tickling my nose and not in a pleasant way. Cinnamon is a huge no-no for me so this might have to go. I'm hoping it'll age nicely... the throw is interestingly less then I imagined it would be and I'm really curious what its going to smell like ON my skin... have to wait on that...
  10. tristessa

    Detestable Putrescence

    I didn't try it on my skin but my prego nose is really good right now. Actually, I think it might have alot to do with the fact that I don't smoke as well! First thing I smelled was butter, I even though of Jelly Belly's buttered popcorn flavor which is similar to butterscotch, sorta... It smelled SO amazing on someone's (I forgot her name, boo!) wrist so I'm betting this'll be one that lots of people will like, not specifically foodies. I cants wait, its being released Aug. 28th or something right?
  11. tristessa

    BPALS wanted 7/12

    Below is a post of oils I wants to smell/try. All categories separated by bolding, parenthesis are used for the notes that peaked my interest, asterisk are the ones I've smelled/tried and wants a bottle of. LEs: Stinky (clean and powdery) Iteru Festival of Anuket Lupercalia *Lovers in a Ricefield (for the vanilla sandalwood) Giant Vulva (for the skin musk) Glowing Vulva at Ryogoku Bridge (teak) Smut (musk) Pontia (bergamot) Chintamani-Dhupa (sandalwood goodness!) Vipralabda (chamomile) Philommeidês (peach) Love's Philosophy (vanilla) A Little Lunacy Chaste Moon (buttery) Smoky Moon (sandalwood) Honey Moon (well, honey of course) Neil Gaiman The Owens' Tomb (daffodils!) The Lady on the Grey (soft musk) Yvaine (love it love it love it, probably one of my fave bpal scents) GCs: Bewitching Brews Antique Lace (my staple, an always must have) Arcana (herby lemon-verbena) Dana O'Shee (should NOT have given away my imp) Fae (musk) *Jolly Roger (love it and would get a bottle) Juke Joint (tried it and liked it) Lampades (cranberry and lillies) Mad Tea Party Moral Hymnody and Nonsense — Against Idleness and Mischief Old super un-organized list... Perfumed Garden Black Lace The Queen's Salon, Bat's Day exclusive La Petit Mort Seduction, Elixir I Bitch, Elixir VIII Pisces Midwinter's Eve Zero Pink Phoenix Glitter Black Cat Sacred Whore of Babylon (sad that I still haven't tried it!) Aunt Caroline's Joy Mojo Numb Morocco Carnaval Diabolique Bewitched Antonino, The Carny Talker Bilquis Mr. Ibis Dragon's Musk Aeval Bastet Pele The Fox-woman Kuzunoha Leaving Her Child Hellion Monsterbait: Bigger Critters, Underpants, Tokyo Stomp Cheshire Cat Kitsune-Tsuki Pannychis Neil Gaimen's Stardust (I have a much-adored bottle of Yvaine, want to try more) New Orleans Shanghai
  12. tristessa

    July '09 DD Stock List — Wants

    Vintage: 13 (Oct 2006) (smelled nice!) Archangel Winter 2007 (winter) Beatrice (Antique Lace-ish floral) Christmas Rose (an interesting winter flower) Kalahantarika (sharp herby lavender) Lycaon (might be similar to Olive Branch) Milk Moon (was milky and strange) Pulse Points (not terrible, but not good either) Punkie Night (apples, like coral snake) Rat King (the Nutcracker prince!) Smut 2007 (obviously) Snow Maiden 2006 (bought it!) Snow Storm 2007 (sounds interesting) Thagirion (smelled awesome, wanted to buy it!) Virahotkantita (lilac, lily, bergamont, yes!) Prototypes (sniff as many as you can get your little hands on): Dorian v2 (I bought this one) Hellion v2 (OH YEAH, had to buy) Lolita v2 (bubblegum, nice) MB: Underbed v1 (didn't like it AT ALL) Scurvy v1 (YUM wants) TKO v3 (loooooved it, bought it)
  13. tristessa


    Ooooh la la! The total opposite of dirty. I love this scent and plan to wear it everytime I have a night of debaugtery. Which is a bit too often these days... haha. This is such a gorgeous clean scent. I was really hoping it'd be a harsh comet-ish clean like Delousing Powder- a huge favorite of mine. But it's not at all like that, it's a sweet feminine clean scent. It makes me think of this pretty little summer dress I hand washed and dried outside in the warm breezes. I live on the Central Coast of California and we just finally got some relief from a nasty heat-wave. It was over 100 degrees yesterday. Dirty is the perfect scent for me today...
  14. tristessa


    My bpal order came today! Yessss. After ripping the box open like a crazy person the first imp I picked up was Nuit. So thought I'd review... In the imp: Super floral, jasmine in the forefront. On: Not too sure this scent is distinct enough for me. It smells good but I'm not getting a huge throw or anything other then jasmine. Sort of reminds me of New Orleans but not as strong. I just put it on and it's already fading, darn it! And where is the musk? Maybe my nose is out of it, but I don't smell it! A nice scent, I'll definitely try it again later, the first sniff/wear is never the lasting impression when it comes to bpal, am I right?
  15. tristessa


    I went to the Bat's Day Out in Anaheim and snatched a bottle of Yvaine as quickly as I could! After loving the book and seeing the movie I was a bit obsessed over it. When I first smelled it- I totally hated it and thought it was way too harsh to characterize Neil Gaimen's fallen star. But I had to buy it anyways... I thought... you have to give it a chance! Wet: It's kinda harsh and nasty. As so was Yvaine when she first comes to meet Tristan right? Dry: Oh my god. I freaking love this scent!!!! It quickly fades to such a nice and sweet musky scent. Probably the magnolia. It is one of those where I keep smelling my arm over and over. Few hours later: Pleasantly surprised it lasted this long on me. Nothing I've tried seems to last very long. I just love it. It just chills me right out. I've been looking for the perfect scent to wear on my wedding day and it looks like I've found it! The lavender will even help to soothe my nerves... I can't wait to wear it. THANKS BETH!