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    Chrysanthemum tea, black tea, Rootbeer, jasmine tea, puer tea, vanilla, bay leaf, marigold, red rose, benzoin, amber, rain, pear, wisteria, pomelo, rosewood, marshmallows, wine Favourite BPALs so far: Blood Rose, 51, Schwarzer Mond, Titus Andronicus, Antique Lace

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    Sound, Books, Design, Art, Movies, Apothecary, Historical artifacts, Culture, Animation and Comics - I can be very Otaku when I want to be.<br /><br />And I'm a gamer. PC, console, you name it. I had a very unhealthy addiction to the Sims for a long time. I could go on hours just rearranging furniture and building houses.
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  1. Styx


    Dorian (almost colorless with a yellow tint) Imp: slick, sweet, clean and light. Skin: Now I know what the hype is about. There is a very faint touch of lavender, but Dorian is mostly vanilla tea. Its sweet, but it doesn't smell like a girl, a definite winner for boyfriends. I tried Theodosius before Dorian, and both are very similar. Theo was more grown-up and manly. Dorian is sweeter, gentler but deceptively. I didn't get much throw; Dorian melted right into my skin, and became like a second flesh. Decadance in a bottle. I am in love. An all-year round, snuggle scent for the pretty boys dressed in lace.
  2. Styx


    Gluttony (light yellow oil) Imp: Toffee, butter, caramel. Skin: It starts with a strong nutty caramel scent, the chocolate wasn't as strong as I thought it would be. The buttery scent in the imp was also nowhere to be found. I got more of the hazelnut praline out of it. Bloated and sweet indeed! The drydown isn't as gourmand as the beginning - It develops a heavy veil of smoke. The nutty caramel stayed right till the end. A gooey, sugar-loaded sticky scent. Toasty, heavy, Autumn and Winter.
  3. Mme.Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (orange oil) decant: a bit perfumy, can smell the patchouli, and it smells aquatic too. Skin: Can smell the earthiness of patchouli, with a slight bitter edge. What amazes me with Mme.Moriarty is the depth. Its dark, deep, sweet but not cloying in the least. Mostly it is patchouli, vanilla, musk and something exotic...the fruit is just enough to give the scent with a reddish character; I cannot pick them out individually. Sophisticated and mysterious, this smells like a woman with many secrets. I sniffed Crypt Queen before I got this, and they have a similar vibe. Crypt queen was mossier, sweeter, and is not dark, but melancholic. A scent for gloomy/lightning days.
  4. Styx

    Green Tree Viper

    Green Tree Viper (deep yellow oil) Decant: Smells like the creamy green bits in mint chocolate. Skin: Wow, the mint whacks you on the head! It doesn't smell as foodie as it did in the imp. Its very cool and bright, almost cold, but there is a certain creaminess to it where the vanilla lies. The mint dies down in an hour or so, and I am left with a very soft, smooth scent that makes me imagine a cream green colour. I didn't get that much vanilla residue like I got in Temple Viper. medium weight, middle pitch, all year round scent
  5. Styx

    Temple Viper

    Temple viper (yellowish orange oil) Decant: Sweet vanilla, a bit perfumy and airy. Yum.... Skin: Walking in a hippie shop with a bag of vanilla candy. Hee. Its sweet and incensy, I think a lot of people will like this. When the oil dries, the hippiness fades and its dry and spicey vanilla with just a hint of wood. I haven't sniffed snake oil yet , so I can't really tell if what I am getting is pure snake oil or not, but its nice. Will edit this later when I know what pure snake oil smells like. About the grapey comment - yeah, its really strange but after wearing this for a while, the scent does morph into something familiar to a grape fanta. But when I stick my nose close and curiously sniff it, the notes kind of seperate out, and I don't smell the grape anymore. warm, low-pitch, medium weight blend for autumn/winter.
  6. Styx


    Tanin'iver (reddish brown oil) gImp (Thank you!) : sweet and syrupy, with cassia. Skin: Its not sweet like it was in the imp. The cassia is strong, very spicy, and once the oil drys there is that thick and creamy dustiness from the resins. I didn't get the pomegranate, or the mimosa, and can barely catch the patchouli. Very stable, and lasts a long time!! It smells exactly like a Nikki-ame (cassia candy). A thick, toasty autumn/winter blend.
  7. Styx

    Red Lantern

    Red Lantern 2007 (yellow oil) gImp (Thank you!): toasted coconut, almost cookie like (is it the caramel?) with Tobacco. Skin: Toasted coconut and caramel, with a hint of tobacco. When I suck in deeply, I can smell an airy floral laced with spice. Once the oil sets, the initial sweetness is softer and the opium hits! The coconut is not so foodie, the floral note is stronger and the effect is seductive. The end is a sweet, spicy oriental smoke. It fits the image of Shanghai 1930's opium den perfectly. Heavy weight, warm winter/evening scent.
  8. Styx


    Bayou (yellow oil) gImp (Thank you!): Sour, a bit powdery and a touch of jasmine? Skin: This will be an review of aged Bayou - because the label on my imp is different. First time I've seen the old version! I'm chuffed! On skin Bayou is floral as can be. It is also powdery, but has a certain brightness to it - I am not getting any swamp or earth vibes out of it. After leaving it to dry, it is very soft and womanly. When I suck in deeply, it does has a reminiscence of once being earthy - but only very, very gently. I am interested to know how this is fresh.
  9. Styx

    The Coiled Serpent

    The Coiled Serpent (deep yellow oil) gImp (Thank you!): acrid, nutty, and a tad sour. Skin: The moment it hit skin, acrid and nutty went away. I got cedar wood, some patchouli, a touch of vetiver, a whiff of benzoin. A very woody and dry incense blend. The stongest note on me, was the same cedar found in Kathmandu. Very stable. Lasts like crazy! Heavy weight, skinwarm wood blend, for evenings.
  10. Styx

    Schwarzer Mond

    Schwarzer Mond (orange oil) Bottle: aquatic, earthy cola. Skin: I got this because of all the previous reviews saying it smells like cola. And I'm glad I swapped for this, I love it. It starts of as a patchouli-cola, and it dries down warm and spicy. Beautiful resins, very deep and compelling. A man would smell sexy in it, and a woman would smell handsome in it. Its a scent I would wear like a black cashmere sweater. I know I will finish the bottle. A dark, warm autumn and winter night blend.
  11. Styx


    Arkham (light yellow oil) Pfrimp (thank you!): soapy, and a bit sharp. Skin: How strange. This has a clean feel to it, but not a buffed up polished clean; more like drink this detergent and you die! kind of clean. The woods were so subtle, I would almost call this a complete floral scent. The drydown isn't as harsh, its much gentler, but retains a poisonous air. Quite sweet and longlasting too. A perfume for a dangerous woman. Heavy weight, cool to touch, winter and spring scent.
  12. Styx

    The Caterpillar

    The Caterpillar (yellow oil) Pfrimp (thank you!): head shop incense and jasmine. Skin: While wet, its jasmine with a trace of floury incense in the edges. As it dries, its all jasmine and neroli on me! And it gets sweeter and more high pitched as time goes by. I get more floury too. The incense had disappeared during the middle stage, but at the very end, it made a comeback and I could smell it as aftertrace. Who ever thought the caterpillar was such a feminine creature? Powerful stuff, however, and you could smell it as if you were tasting it through a hookah. Has to be applied lightly. Heavy weight, body temperature, evening scent.
  13. Styx

    Calico Jack

    Calico Jack (orange oil) Pfrimp (thank you!): sweet marine note, muscular. Cologney. Skin: While its wet, its waaay too musky and spicey, but when it dries its very well behaved. I get a spicey aquatic blend with a touch of wood. The kelp adds such a nice roundness; as for the leather, its so faint, it didn't bother me at all. Dries down into a very soft spiced marine note. I think this will do nicely for men, but women can wear it too! A sensual marine blend. Middle to heavy weight, breezy warm, Summer scent.
  14. Styx


    Delirium (almost colorless yellow oil) Pfrimp (thank you!): exactly as the description says. Skin: Lemon! lemon lemon lemon...apple? Straight off I got lemon, with only some apple coming through now and then. I didn't get any roses until the drydown. Something in the lemon was really choking powdery on me all the way. This turned out to be a bpal that didn't agree with me. Heavy weight, room temperature, Summer scent
  15. Styx


    Jester (pale yellow oil) Imp: fruit candy with a twist. Skin: Fresh berries, with an aftertaste of neroli. This is such a bright and playful scent - this isn't one of those scheming, eerie jesters we get in horror shows. Its one of those good-natured jesters that simply like to see people laugh. I smiled when I took the initial sniff. In the beginning the berries are stronger, but as it dries it balances out with the neroli. This is such a happy and bouncey scent, its perfect for little girls. Not something I would wear myself, but I would think of giving it as a gift to my little nieces. Middle to light weight, sunnyday, Summer scent.