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    Looking for a Woody Chypre

    @ShadowEtienne Thanks so much for taking the time to respond. Some of these were on my radar from my own casual browsing. Namely Azathoth, Bram Stoker, and A Countenance. Anteros also piques my interest- I love currant. Honestly all of these I would like to try but unfortunately I don't have a fat wad of cash to spend on imps.
  2. Hello. I'm new to BPAL, and to indie houses in general. I'm having trouble navigating this vast library. I tried an imp of Dee given to me by my SO, and absolutely fell in love. I'll be ordering a 5ml of Dee and some other imps to try out. During the day, I favor a woody chypre. Terre d'Hermes has been my go-to for years. This year I've been wearing Nishane's Hacivat and have been really enjoying the contrast of juicy grapefruit with dank moss and patchouli. I'm looking for something that has a woody backbone with a bit of resin, earthy patchouli or moss, and a gentle musk. I like vetiver and I'm partial to citrus. I'm a man btw. Any recommendations are welcome. Thanks in advance!