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    So far, Snake Oil and March Hare


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  1. Nessa

    March Hare

    In the bottle: Smells like childhood medicine, pink & gooy amoxicillin. On My skin: MUCH BETTER. No more amoxicillin smell. Smells like Christmas to me, winter dried fruits and cloves. On my skin, mostly cloves... and some of that fruity apricot, though not as strong as some of the other reviews seem to indicate. Mostly clove. I approve. I really like it, it IS strong, but I like it like that, and I like the warm, heated sort of scent it is. People say "candle" or "potpourri," and I sort of agree, but more of the warmth of a candle or potpourri than the smell. I don't find it a bad scent at all. I think this is more a winter-time scent than summer, though.
  2. Nessa

    Mouse's Long and Sad Tale

    I LOVE THIS! In the bottle: Sweet Vanilla ice tea... yes, ice tea... it's what I'm smelling =3 With a flower as a garnish. On my skin: Oh, it's delicous! Sandalwood, vanilla, and a little tea, still. Good for a long summer evening, lounging on the patio in a lawn chair, enjoying the breeze. On me, the vanilla does not come to the front on the skin. It is mostly Sandalwood. Not very descriptive, perhaps, but this is definitely one of my favorites! Seems to have moderate to long staying power.
  3. Nessa

    The Unicorn

    First sniff: I don't know. I really don't know. I've sniffed and sniffed, and I just couldn't tell you what I am smelling. White. If white had a fragrance white would smell like this. On the SKin: Fresh & clean and soft. Feminine and floral. I still couldn't tell you what I am smelling, though. Just. White. I suppose it's the blossoms. Much Later: It's sweetened up a bit and almost smells like sugar icing. Very faint though, faded quickly. Overall opinion: It smells really nice but it doesn't seem to have a lot of staying power. I think I will have to drown myself in it to feel like I can smell it. I like it, though. A lot! It's really sweet and fresh for a summer day. It's... white. =) Sorry I can't be more descriptive with this one. It's not bad by any means.
  4. Nessa


    I really like this scent. In the bottle, it's very strong, a citrus-y floral, with the floral definitely being lavendaresque.. a bit of a perfume-y memory of my grandmother's house. I really don't pick up any vanilla, and just barely pick up any tea. It's definitely musky, and quite masculine scented to me. On my skin though, it really changes completely. On the skin, the vanilla comes forward, and it becomes a much more creamy, milk tea with a dash of lemon scent. The musks and lavender are still there but not as strong as they are in the bottle After a long dry down, the sweetness stays behind and the sharpness leaves, ending up with a sort of powdery vanilla smell. Very delicous either way. Goes on very strong but dampens down quickly. I can see it being masculine, worn by a fella', but it works fine on a girl too. I wear it pretty frequently. It's staying power is medium. It seems to fade to a weak scent fairly quickly (within 3-4 hours), but it still smells good, just more soft and sweet and less musky-tang. Like a sachet in a drawer. One thing of note though, when I first put on Dorian, it makes my nose VERY sneezy and sniffly. I have a slight allergy to it. There's a fine line between just enough and too much, and if I cross that line I'll be sneezy for a good half an hour. I don't really mind because I am quite used to being allergic to sweet smelling things and I've learned to deal... but if you're wearing a lot of Dorian and someone is very sneezy.. well, it might be you.
  5. Nessa

    Black Opal

    When I started reading all these reviews and saw everybody saying "Vanilla! Vanilla!" over and over again, I was thoroughly perplexed, because when I sniffed the imp which came with my most recent order, I didn't smell "vanilla" at all. I gave it some time (a few days) and sniffed it again, and I still don't smell Vanilla in the bottle. On my skin, I'm getting a baby powdery softness with some underlying dark floral.. maybe even some woodyness. Something is under there that is definitely dark. There's vanilla there too, I think... but it certainly wouldn't be my first thought if asked. It's very warm, comforting, sweet, and feminine. Somebody else called it "ladylike" and I tend to agree. It's very ladylike. I think this is a scent I'd like to wrap around me like a blanket or a shawl. It's clean, it's homey. My grandmother always wore opals, and though she didn't smell like this, it has a bit of grandmotherly comfort to it (though I'm not saying it's old ladylike.) Wintry warmth, maybe the marshmallows in your cocoa. I can see opals smelling like this. A wide range of colors swimming against a mat background. In my opinion, anyway. =) Just lovely. Very much considering buying a 5ml... but I am so poor.
  6. Nessa

    Devil's Claw

    I got an imp of this with my most recent order, and of course, as I was sniffing it, I splashed some onto myself ... actually a lot of it onto myself, a lot more than I wanted to have on. I washed my hands but it was on me somewhere else and I could still smell it. In the vial, I would say ... I used to have this set of Crayola Markers that were "OUTDOOR SCENTS!" and they had things like pine tree (for green), calomine lotion (for pink) and the like. Red was "Campfire" and I think this is exactly what Devil's Claw smells like in the bottle... "campfire" crayola markers. VERY distinct smell of smoke. I didn't like it at all and wanted to wash it all off. It hung on though.. I wouldn't say it was cigarette smoke-ish.. definitely more of a burning wood kind of smell... all the things that a campfire has.. wood, grass, dirt. At first, I really couldn't stand it, and I hated that it was on me. However, after a while, the scent lightened up on me considerably, and I didn't smell the smoke at all, rather more of a woody, musky almost muddy smell that is hard to describe. It didn't smell so bad after that... even my mom said it smelled pretty good. The smell of smoke went completely away. So, maybe on some people it turns a bit better after a while. =) That being said, I'm more of a fluffy and floofy kind of girl, and this is really way too masculine for me. I think it would probably smell okay on a guy though, if used with caution. I don't think as harshly of it as some of the commentors here do. I think you'd have to be pretty brave to wear it though!