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  1. Tiobe

    Thirteen (13): May 2022

    See, I’m never quite sure what people mean when they say “too sweet” 🤪 Cuz this is sugar in a bottle, and ohhhhh my wooooord, it’s SO good!!! I could seriously slather myself in this all day every day and be a happy girl. Strictly aesthetically it might be my favorite BPAL (although pls scream inside yer snek oyl is a close tie). Completely agree with those who say this is what they wish sugar skull was. Delicious!
  2. Tiobe

    Please Scream Inside Your Heart

    churros!!! cinnamon sugary goodness. My only complaint is it seems to have way less throw and staying power than Please Scream Inside Yer Snek oyl, for some reason. light, fun, foody.
  3. Tiobe

    Harvest Moon 2021

    Okay I might be crazy (“might”- ha!), but I don’t get the dead leaves note (the trademark bell pepper esque, cologne type scent that’s definitely in my 2021 Dead Leaves, Pumpkin, Peppercorn bottle). To me, there’s almost a clean linen note in this? Like fresh laundry hung up on the line outside in the middle of an orchard. I get plum and peach as far as the stone fruits note goes. There’s something clean and soft and comforting about this one, I’ve been wearing it a lot this season.
  4. Tiobe

    Please Scream Inside Your Snake Oil

    oh.my.gourd. This is the shit. It’s SO good. The vegetal musks are there and warm, like working in the tomato patch on a hot Summer afternoon. The vanilla and spices are smoky, and sensual. The funnel cake for me pops last, like scents wafting from a carnival across the street as you potter around the garden (is there a hint of soil?). Perfect throw and wear length. It’s so well-balanced between sweet, earthy, resinous and green. Hands-down my favorite (other than 2022’s 13, which I could absolutely bathe in). I know this was a happy accident and a special pandemic scent, but oh I hope it sticks around.
  5. Tiobe

    Midnight on the Midway (2015)

    2021 bottle. This is the EXACT scent of a blue lotus incense I used to buy at the county fair each year. When the fair was cancelled cuz the rona, I decided to treat myself, & was not disappointed (was a good call, too, since the vendors haven’t returned, & I’ve never been able to find that particular incense anywhere else). It is lightly sweet, a bit mournful, simply lovely. Great throw and wear length. Pretty much my favorite for Spring time wear.
  6. Tiobe


    hot dayuuuum, this is sexy. like, if you could turn great sex on top of freshly-picked jasmine into a perfume, you’d get this. Femme, warm, musky, seductive. like the macy playground song “sex and candy,” but sex and jasmine. date-night worthy.
  7. Tiobe

    Every Day is Halloween

    Longtime listener, first time caller. Reviewing the 2021 version. Agree with others who identify something sharp, cologne-y/masculine-leaning in this. But disagree about the pumpkin being “spicy”…to me, the pumpkin is warm and fleshy, like the real deal tossed with butter or oil, roasted, and pulled fresh outta the oven. This is layered with a beautiful, unrepentant sandalwood. And here’s the thing- it reminds me exactly of a sandalwood lotion both a late bf and I wore endlessly one Summer, like warm skin musk, late Summer sunshine. It evokes better days, the scent of love, warmth, & happiness. (interesting that others describe it as being familiar, too). Meant something to me to be able to recall those moments so viscerally (& never fails to amaze me how BPAL magic does that), so even though it leans a little more “homme” than scents I usually wear, I got three bottles.