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  1. zipegs

    Moon When The Cherries Turn Black

    Kind of wishing I got a full-size of this one!! On first application, I wasn't convinced—it smelled exactly like I'd smeared a melted cherry lollipop over my skin. But within a minute or two, that sharp, simplistic candy smell rounded out and turned beautifully dark. There's still a bit of cherry, but it's blended beautifully with the musk, blackcurrant, and amber. A lovely "dark" scent that still manages to be fruity and approachable. Really lovely autumn perfume!!
  2. zipegs

    Plunging Into The Hellmouth

    This gave me a VIVID flashback to Bath and Body Works' sweet pea scent 😂 Specifically, their hand sanitizer, which I used all the time. Unfortunately that's a little too much for me, so this one's going into the destash pile.
  3. zipegs


    Not a huge fan of this one, unfortunately. There's something a bit strange going on that I almost wanted to say was kind of indolic but I'm wondering now if it's the fleur de lait not behaving well for me. It's pretty syrupy-perfumy sweet to my nose, too, which isn't something I'm usually a fan of.
  4. zipegs

    The Snow-Woman

    This actually reminds me a lot of Stainless Steel Dildo! I"m not getting too much pine, actually. It's a cool, fresh wet-snow scent that's kind of gingery and bubbly (much like Stainless Steel Dildo or Spurious Cooter Bees without the punch of Honey). It does fade pretty quickly on my skin but I'm enjoying it enough that I'm eyeing a full-bottle purchase!
  5. zipegs

    White Chocolate, Strawberry Pulp, and Calvados

    This is a fun, sweet scent! Like other reviewers have said, I really don't get any alcohol from this blend, and I'm not getting much white chocolate either. It maybe lends the strawberry a bit of creaminess, but this is more or less a fun, sweet but not overpowering strawberry. Fades relatively quickly on my skin. I'll probably use up my decant of this, but I don't know that I'll be grabbing myself a full bottle.
  6. zipegs

    Blacklight Reactive Alice Poster

    I don't have much experience with BPAL's Mad Tea Party line, although this is definitely making me want to dig out my frimps and pay them some more attention! I didn't expect to fall in love with this scent as much as I did, and I'm so glad I blind-bottled this one. The red currant tarts and grapefruit are the strongest notes for me. On application, the tarts come out beautifully—deliciously sweet with just a little buttery-crust roundness. That recedes relatively quickly, and the grapefruit takes center stage, rounded out by the tarts and florals. I'm not really getting any weed at all—maybe the tiiiiiiiniest bit as it wears down. Overall this is a very fun, spunky scent that I know I'll be getting a lot of use out of in the warmer weather.
  7. zipegs

    Stainless Steel Dildo

    I'm really in danger with these Lupers 😅 This is another scent I was convinced I wouldn't like but decided to take a chance on anyway, and, although my wallet might not be, I'm so glad I did! I agree that it's not a typically "metallic" scent (i.e. doesn't smell like wet metal), although it does feel metallic. It's very light and sharp and kind of bubbly. Can't really pinpoint what exactly I'm smelling, but it feels very sophisticated and masculine to me. Loving this for a hot day!
  8. zipegs


    2022 version! I was absolutely 100% convinced I'd hate this, but it seemed so iconic and so fun that I had to grab myself a decant just for fun. And oh boy am I glad I did!! Almost none of BPAL's red musks have worked for me, but I'm really loving this scent! It's really not pulling animalic or overly "musky" at all, honestly—there's maybe a little additional depth or groundedness to the scent, but it's mostly tangy and sweet to my nose. With wear, that sweetness tones down a bit, but it never turns overly down 'n dirty sensual musk to my nose. I'm wondering if the musk will come out more with aging? At any rate, I'll definitely be grabbing myself a bottle!
  9. zipegs

    Move On, Please

    Body chemistry strikes again 😫 I loved this one out of bottle, and on first application, it was a fresh, wild, little bit dark green grassy/mossy scent. Like others have said, the mud note wasn't strong on me at all—if anything, it just rounded out the greenness a bit and added a little darkness. But unfortunately, after a few minutes, I started getting that same damn rubbing alcohol morph that I got from some of the 2021 Weenies. I'm wondering if the 'wagon wheel' has some sandalwood in it, because I think one of the lab's sandalwood blends has been the culprit when this happened to me with the Weenies.
  10. zipegs

    Black Satin Sheet Ghost

    I'm loving this one a lot more than I thought I would!! I've been having awful luck with indolic florals recently and fully expected this scent wouldn't work on me, but I'm so happy to be proved wrong! While there's definitely a little musky 'oomf' to the scent, and it's definitely not something I'd wear to the office, it's balanced out so well by the coolness of sage and toned down beautifully by the mate. It's definitely a complex and bold scent but I'm all about it!
  11. Was a bit afraid of this one because of the jasmine (although I know star jasmine is much tamer than regular ol' jasmine) but it ended up settling a bit weird on me for other reasons. I loved this out of bottle—a very fresh, lush, cool floral that I was very excited to try in the recent warmer weather! Wet, it played very nice on my skin. I didn't get any creamy paper or incense, unfortunately, but it was still a beautiful fresh scent that I was hoping would be a nice more-floral less-green counterpart to Ivy Twining Around a Discarded Skull, which I've been loving. Unfortunately, as it dried down, it went Tresemmé hairspray. Might try my decant a few more times before deciding to destash, but unfortunately body chemistry wasn't kind to me with this one.
  12. zipegs

    Skeletons Dancing to a Tune

    I am going to fistfight whatever in my skin chemistry is making some of the sandalwoods in these Weenies turn to rubbing alcohol on my skin. I love this guy in the bottle—he's a cool, ambery, dragon's blood-y sandalwood with a bite of cinnamon. On first application, it really blooms and warms up a bit—the sandalwood turns hot and dry, and I get a bit of a kick from the red pepper. But it starts turning rubbing alcohol pretty quickly. I don't mind a little sharpness to my sandalwood (actually, I'm planning on keeping this decant for now at least because this blend in particular just seems to toe the line between sharp sandalwood and straight-up rubbing alcohol on me, and I love what I smell beneath it so much that I'd hate to abandon it entirely) but these guys have been testing my limits. Thankfully, unlike some other blends, the rubbing-alcohol phase seems to mostly come along with the heart notes, so I get some good top and base not wear without that taint. Glad I picked up a decant of this, and if my skin chemistry didn't mess with it, I'd DEFINITELY be grabbing myself a full-size or two
  13. zipegs

    Innocent Souls Turned Carrion Birds

    Loved this one from the bottle and on first application, it was a really lovely warm, fuzzy scent. Felt a bit like a really nice ambergris. Unfortunately, the grey sandalwood must be what has been turning to straight-up alcohol on my skin, because after a minute or so, that's all I can smell. It does the same thing that Pyramid of Skulls does on my skin and just ends up smelling like I just sprayed an EDP with a really strong alcohol base.
  14. zipegs

    On Wednesday, I Will Promise You a Phantom

    I have to sit on this one a little more! I really love the scent wet and out of the bottle—the lavender is beautifully pungent and verrrrrry gently softened by a warm, round vanilla/myrrh combo. But the lavender fades pretty quickly for me, and the myrrh, vanilla, and other florals take over. At that point, it verges on too sweet for me. It's still a very pretty scent—powdery sweet and warm enough that I would want to keep this to cool spring weather at the hottest—but I'm not sure it's going to end up in my wheelhouse. It's definitely more light and powdery than thick and syrupy, which is a point in its favor from the standpoint of my own personal taste, but at this point, I don't think it's going to end up being full-bottle worthy. I'll definitely finish my decant though!
  15. zipegs

    Every Day is Halloween

    Think I might have found another new favorite 😅 I definitely agree that the notes don't convey the true feeling and complexity of this perfume! Actually, I kind of did a double-take after sniffing to make sure I didn't grab the wrong decant. On my skin, the sandalwood takes a bit of a back seat. It's definitely present, but I actually get a pleasantly sharp bite of ginger at first, which melts slowly into a gingery clove backed by bright sandalwood. I don't get that much pumpkin from this—more pumpkin spice, but that isn't quite right either. It's not pumpkin spice in the PSL, pumpkin pie gourmand way, but more the cologne versions of individual spice elements of that blend. Like I mentioned, I get a lot of ginger and clove from this! Feels like a smart masculine or maybe unisex scent to me. Maybe made a bit warmer or creamier by the pumpkin, but if you told me there wasn't any pumpkin in this at all, I'd believe you. I'm just really in love with this! It's a bit warm but not so much that it can't be worn out of season, and it's definitely not too autumn-y or pumpkin-y to be relegated only to the fall season. I'll definitely be buying a full bottle of this one before the Weenies come down!!