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    Fairy Bites

    I just got a bottle of this in the mail today and it’s one of the weirdest behaving fragrances I’ve ever come across - but in a good way. First applied on skin I got the strong medicinal herbal blend and I’ll admit something in there is not my favorite. As it started to dry down and warm up on my wrist I started getting these absolutely DREAMY floral wafts. But then I would go in to smell close to the skin and still be confronted with the herbal piece that isn’t for me (my money is on chamomile or bergamot). At that point I was 100% intrigued by this scent in a giggly way. At least to my senses, it lives up to its name. Wafts of ethereal yet juicy florals to lure you in, like the shimmer on a Faerie’s wing, then when you get too close you certainly are met with a bite! This definitely isn’t my favorite BPAL scent (that spot belongs to Fae) but I’m glad I bought a bottle. It’ll be lovely when it’s hotter outside. oh and Labyrinth is my favorite movie of all time so that didn’t hurt