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  1. bkwy.aesthetics


    I received this as a frimp on an order and to me, this is the smell of pure joy, and it have a hugely aromatherapeutic effect on me. And, thanks to this perfume, I now know what a kumquat is (after a bit of googling!) Great perfume, but tragically short throw and wear time. I'll still pick up a full bottle eventually though! In Bottle: Bright and fruity, sweet and tart! To me, this smells like the white (I believe pear-flavored?) gummy bears! But much fancier 💛 On Skin: The white pepper and orange blossom join the party and the kumquat is now backed by a lovely spicy floral! The white tea is not detectable by my nose, but it could be adding to the fruitiness or florals. Dry Down: The spice of the pepper continues to amp, but this is a mostly linear scent. Wear Time: 3-4hrs Throw: Light (3-4in)
  2. bkwy.aesthetics

    Snooty Rose

    Unsurprisingly, this is a very rose-forward perfume. Honestly, I would've been disappointed if it wasn't. This is definitely a red rose, still on the stem, very fresh and green. But this is one that changes as you wear it for sure. If you like rose and aren't averse to a light, inoffensive oud, you will likely enjoy this. In Bottle: Rose, rose, rose! The plum is slightly detectable, giving it a bit of fruitiness along with the fresh green accompanying the rose. The bergamot is not detectable on its own, but may be blended into the plum. No oud or sandalwood detectable at this stage. On Skin: Almost identical to in the bottle, but the oud starts to show itself just a bit. Dry Down: The rose fades gracefully and the oud amps. The fruity notes have disappeared entirely. Sandalwood isn't detectable on its own, but is likely blended in with the oud. When all is said and done this is very much a rose & oud perfume, almost perfectly balanced. Wear Time: 5-6hrs Throw: Light/Medium (4-6in)
  3. bkwy.aesthetics

    Snake Smut

    So happy that I snatched up this Luper before they all were taken down! This is a warm, cozy, and sexy scent perfect for cuddling or slithering into bed with someone 😘🐍 Doesn't have amazing throw or wear time sadly, but I love it all the same. In Bottle: Spicy, boozy citrus! The "citrus" I'm picking up must be the cardamom or maybe something in Smut or Snake Oil, which I am not familiar with on their own. To my nose this is actually very reminiscent of Lush's "Karma" scent, but more mature and boozy. On Skin: The leather accord and boozy notes amp up, but mostly a linear scent. Dry Skin: Still quite linear! Fades gracefully Wear Time: 4-6hrs Throw: Light/Medium (4-6in)
  4. bkwy.aesthetics


    I received a frimp of this in an order and had to invest in a full bottle! This is one of the biggest morphers in my BPAL collection and really changes from the bottle to on the skin. Once applied, this is a very dark, sexy, and mysterious perfume 🖤 In Bottle: Out of the bottle, this is a sharp fruity scent that smells slightly artificial, but is supported by some light florals. The hibiscus, red wine, and osmanthus are the most recognizable notes to my nose. On Skin: This is when the magic happens: the tobacco and cassia begin to amp up and the artificial aspect of the fruit evaporates completely. It almost smells as though the fruity florals are all being smoked and roasted, giving an almost resinous edge. I'm not really able to detect the honey or dark chocolate however. Dry Down: Everything softens and the resinous aspect lingers. This ends up smelling, to my nose, like fruity incense and oriental florals. Lovely! Wear Time: 6-7hrs Throw: Medium (7-10in)
  5. bkwy.aesthetics

    Bon Vivant

    What a bright and uplifting perfume! I received my frimp of this a few weeks before a wedding, and I knew immediately upon smelling this that it was going to be perfect for the occasion 💕 In Bottle: Very sparkly, bright champagne musk and fresh strawberries! This smells so real! The strawberry is in no way artificial, and the champagne musk smells somehow carbonated! It's like that first sniff of a freshly poured glass of rose champagne! On Skin: The champagne loses a touch of sparkle and becomes more musky on my skin. It is still a very sweet, bright musk, but musk nonetheless. The strawberry is still present. Having this on my skin fills me with joy! Aromatherapy magic ✨ Dry Down: The strawberry has evaporated, leaving a soft, sweet, and dry musk reminiscent champagne. Very graceful fade. Wear Time: 4-5hrs Throw: Light/Medium (4-6in)
  6. bkwy.aesthetics

    Blood Popsicle

    This one was a risky buy for me, but I am very glad that I took the plunge! This is a complex fruity & spicy blend that is actually quite wearable! In Bottle: Right out of the bottle, there is a citrus that immediately is recognizable as blood orange as well as a distinct clove note, a frost note, and I think a hint of dragon's blood. There is a good contrast here of spicy/fruity and warm/cool. Very balanced. On Skin: The frosty note evaporates and the spices amp up, giving the fruitiness a more mature aspect. The resinous quality of the dragon's blood also begins to amp up, which gives it a rather mysterious quality as well. Dry Down: The spices continue to amp a bit, but this is mostly a linear scent with all the notes staying the same after interacting with my skin chemistry. Wear Time: 6-7hrs Throw: Medium (8-10in)
  7. bkwy.aesthetics


    I was so pleasantly surprised to receive this in a large order I made as a freebie! It is a beautifully resinous, fruity floral. I could see how someone could ascribe this to a "grandma" scent, but as a fan of florals, I love the complexity the amber and benzoin add to this otherwise exclusively floral perfume. In Bottle: There is a kind of fruity, candy kind of smell right out of the bottle that has a slightly powdery and antique twist. I had to do some googling, but the fruitiness appears to be coming from the mimosa, osmanthus, and jasmine. To my nose, the jasmine and mimosa are the forward notes here, but it is very well-blended and individual notes are hard to detect. A beautiful sepia bouquet! On Skin: The fruitiness tones down considerably and the resinous notes of the amber & benzoin amp up to make this a very cozy experience. Doesn't change too much from the bottle besides that. I had someone tell me I smell like fresh laundry (NOT laundry detergent, but fresh, clean linens), which is a plus for me! Dry Down: This is a quick fader, and the florals are the first thing to leave the party. The jasmine, amber, and benzoin are the last notes to linger, but the jasmine is just a whisper. Wear Time: 4-5 hrs Throw: Medium (8-10in); becomes skin scent about 2-3hrs in
  8. bkwy.aesthetics

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds

    This one was a very unexpectedly bright and beachy scent! I thought this would be much more rose-heavy, but to me it is more of the orris & coconut taking the lead. I want to sit out on the beach with a Mai Tai while wearing this. Very luxurious 💕 In Bottle: Bright, fresh, clean! Has a very mentholated top note, but it is very balanced out by the creamy, powdery notes. The coconut is the source of the creaminess and it is also slightly sweet: definitely more the meat of the coconut than the husk. The iris is what I suspect the powdery floral note comes from, and at this stage the rose is not detectable, but is likely amping the floral notes in the iris as well. On Skin: The mentholated crystalline musk softens and begins to blend into the other notes. The rose immediately amps up and becomes the forward note. This is a fresh, red rose right off the bush. There is a very green quality to it that only adds the the freshness of this scent! The orris and coconut are still going strong though, and that creaminess is adding a softness to the fragrance. Dry Down: Softens very gracefully and doesn't change much after it interacts with my skin chemistry. What a lovely perfume! Wear Time: 7-9hrs Throw: Light (4-6in); becomes a skin scent about 5 hours in
  9. bkwy.aesthetics


    In Bottle: This smells like cherry chapstick! 😍 Not as sophisticated as I expected, but a lovely nostalgic scent. Not really picking out any star anise, but the cherry and red musk are fully amped up. On Skin: Star Anise begins to present itself and rounds out the fruitiness of the cherry. Feels less artificial. Very playful scent. Dry Down: For some reason as this dries down, there is a strange coppery note on me. It is very pungent and makes me sad because I enjoy the scent very much until this happens. Might try mixing this with some other things to see what happens. Wear Time: 4-5hrs Throw: Far (12+in)
  10. bkwy.aesthetics


    Surprisingly bright and clean, this is a very easy-to-wear scent! I was definitely expecting something darker, but I am not upset at all! This smell evokes positive scent memories from me 😚 In Bottle: Very aromatic and bright, with a soft sweetness, likely due to the tonka. The musk in this is very clean. The leather is not really detectable to me in this. On Skin: Citrus notes from the fougere emerge, but otherwise quite similar to in the bottle, just stronger. Dry Down: Very soft! A sweet and clean musk! Very wearable. Wear Time: 6-8hrs Throw: Light (4-5in)
  11. bkwy.aesthetics

    Cascading Silks

    I have been actively seeking a nice violet-heavy perfume and I am happy to report that this fits the bill! This is a sweet & spicy oriental violet and I am loving it! In Bottle: Strong violet leaf note on the opening that is quite sharp. Also very warm and sweet due to the supporting notes. On Skin: The sharpness of the violet softens, and the fragrance opens up into a spicy, green floral. I assume the "spiciness" comes from the carnation, based on what I've heard about it. The red currant gives this a very jammy feeling. Also very well-blended and it's difficult to pick out individual notes. Dry Down: Orris butter sweetens the scent slightly, but mostly linear and fades gracefully. Wear Time: 6-7hrs Throw: Light (4-6in)
  12. bkwy.aesthetics


    This one gave me quite a fright. Fresh out of the bottle I could smell almost nothing, but thankfully once this warms on the skin it fully activates. Not the strongest perfume ever, but a nice mix of notes. In Bottle: The faintest whisper of lotus and champaca, but otherwise I can't detect anything. On Skin: Thank goodness! We have fragrance! The myrrh and lotus are leading the show and the papyrus note is very detectable, giving this scent an almost dusty herbal vibe. This is a very dry scent. And sadly, I cannot detect the leather at all! Bummer, as I am a huge fan of leather scents. Maybe it will show itself with age. Dry Down: Linear scent that softens gradually. Wear Time: 5-6hrs Throw: Light-Medium (6-8in)
  13. bkwy.aesthetics

    Mme. Moriarty, Misfortune Teller (2015)

    I was entranced by Mme. Moriarty the moment I saw the artwork, and am so happy that I love this scent as much as I hoped I would 💗 This is a very dark and heavy scent in the best kind of way. I have no experience with the original formulation, but this one is fabulous. In Bottle: Red musk and patchouli are the strongest notes out of the bottle. There is also a noticeable fruitiness, but I am unable to differentiate the notes. On Skin: Dark and sweet red musk; the fruits amp, but are still very well-blended. The patchouli becomes more woody and less earthy. Smells like an occult shop that sells homemade incense with dark fruits. Very sexy and mysterious. Dry Down: Maintains scent profile, but softens gradually. Wear Time: 8-10hrs Throw: Light-Medium (6-8in)
  14. bkwy.aesthetics

    Western Diamondback

    I have yet to experience Snake Oil on its own, but the SO blends are out of this world. This one is no different, and features some of my favorite notes (leather, tonka, sandalwood.) This is a dry, dark, and sweet scent that has great wear time and good throw. In Bottle: Smooth and sweet! Tonka bean and vanilla are the most detectable notes on the opening. This opens up to a dry, earthy musk that leans more masculine. On Skin: Sage and sandalwood amp, drying out the scent and giving it a woody, dried herbs quality. Sweetness is still detectable, but much softer than in the bottle. Dry Down: Becomes softer and sweeter as you wear it, but the scent profile remains mostly the same throughout. Wear Time: 10-12 hrs Throw: Medium; about 8-10in
  15. bkwy.aesthetics


    This, to me, is a more evergreen version of the Fae Forest Atmosphere Spray. Such a bright, green scent with the perfect balance of sweet and fruity supporting notes. Very happy I picked up a full bottle of this. In Bottle: Very fruity evergreen opening that is sweetened up by the honeycomb and musk. There are faint florals in the background, but nothing distinguishable. On Skin: The evergreen sharpness tones down, and the amber warms up and produces a lovely resinous quality. Still very bright and fresh, but rounded out very well by the blend of notes. Dry Down: A fairly linear scent once it interacts with skin chemistry. Softens gracefully. Wear Time: 6-8hrs Throw: Medium