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    Full Shunga Collection:
    A Karasu Tengu Copulating With The Knot-Hole of a Pine Tree
    Adventuresome Encounters
    Balancing The Sake Cup
    Butterfly Dancer
    Cascading Silks
    Cherry Blossom Vulva
    Coy Mermaid With A Vulva Shaped Head
    Cycling For Pleasure
    Discarded Sandal
    Dragon, Rabbit, & Snake
    Ecstatic Dancing Penises
    Erotic Sake Bowl
    Famous Kabuki Actors in Imagined Scenes of Lovemaking
    Flowering Peonies
    Fracas with Eleven Kabuki Actors
    Imayo Irokumi No Ito
    Inspecting The Lantern
    Kimi Ga Dai Wa
    Levitating Phallic God
    Peach Vulva *(shipped separately - don't have yet)
    Raucous Games Inside a Bathouse
    Rippling Water In the Stone Basin
    Shadow Pictures
    Travelers Under a Tree Observed by Foxes
    Under the Foot Warmer
    Unsubtle Euphamism
    Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace
    Initial Impressions: 
    Day 1 (Friday): Fresh out of the Mailbox - Cherry Blossom Vulva is the Day 1 winner. Beautiful fresh daytime florals. Easy to wear, not lotiony/soapy - just fresh!
    Butterfly Dancer leaves a good impression & gets set aside for my personal collection immediately.
    Cycling For Pleasure is immediately intriguing, & different than everything else I own. I can't stop smelling it, & it is the second one I try out.
    Balancing The Sake Cup is strong, & intense. I don't think I like it. It needs to calm down some.
    Erotic Sake Bowl is much more pleasant, very bright, fresh, happy, citrusy.
    Unsubtle Euphemism is somehow like the most delicious bakery smell ever. I don't know If i want to wear it - but I could definitely eat it.
    Everything else smells interesting but it's too much at once. Some things are disappointing, but initial impressions can be that way. I am surprised by the amount of varied scents, & how even throughout such variety they really do feel like part of a cohesive collection together.
    Day 2 (Saturday): wore Cycling For Pleasure. What a treat to wear. A new favorite.
    my partner tries on Ecstatic Dancing Penises. It is definitely a bit more of a men's scent.
    Day 3 (Sunday): Attempting to organize my thoughts on the variety of new scents.
    Initial impressions have left me skeptical of (4):
    Balancing the Sake Cup (too sharp), Vaginal Tales of the Nocturnal Palace (sickly sweet florals), Imayo Irokumi No Ito (too grassy), & Shadow Pictures (parchment note is strong). Of those, the first two seem least likely to fall into my personal collection. The latter two just might age to be much nicer - & I'll admit I'm coming around to Shadow Pictures more and more over time.
    Although I do intend to hold on to most of these as a set for quite some time, to see how they age, some things just don't sit right at first.
    The ones I do set aside for my personal collection immediately: 
    Butterfly Dancer, Cycling For Pleasure, Cherry Blossom Vulva, Under the Foot Warmer, Discarded Sandal, Erotic Sake Bowl
    On Sunday at some point I tried on Kimi Ga Dai Wa - and I didn't quite like it. It may have been the wrong moment for me - it is very toasty & warm, definitely smells like someone who owns cats - it smells nice, but isn't something I see myself personally wearing. 
    Late that evening, before bed, & after a shower, I tried on Raucous Games Inside A Bathouse - and it's quite lovely. Fresh & clean, fruity & steamy, beautiful spa vibes.
    Day 4 (Monday): Wore Under The Foot Warmer
    I think I just knew I'd love this one. Fresh, sharp woodsy notes, and a hint of pepper & smoke. I think this could easily be a daily wear / new favorite of mine, and it should age beautifully. It's a bit light at the moment, and I think it will grow into a bit more heaviness / staying power after some time resting. 
    Day 5 (Tuesday)
    Tried to wear Erotic Sake Bowl. It turned from the beautiful bright citrus smell to soap on my skin. Disappointed, but saving it to try again later. Maybe it'll work differently with age.