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    Cycling for Pleasure

    I *love* the sea salt/body salt combo of this one. It plays like fresh salt air out of the bottle, with some background floral/woodsy notes. I had to try nearly every Shunga '21, and this the second one I just had to try. Day 2 winner right here. It does fade to a lightly salty skin-sweat scent after a few hours, but not a bad sweat / body odor type - more like the scent of a lover after a long day that you want to huff It's a new favorite to add to my collection, as I do not have anything like this. It is both unique & lovely to smell (I also grew up by the coast, so there may be some nostalgia for me there!) Edit update; i keep coming back to this one. It's delicious in a way that is extremely easy to wear, and feels almost sexual. Like sex on the beach vibes. I feel encrusted with ocean spray, a hot tanline, and sandy beachy curls
  2. rivetted

    Cherry Blossom Vulva

    I have to admit, I ordered *nearly* every Shunga '21. Shunga-madness. Cherry Blossom Vulva was the one I had to try first, right out of the mailbox. It is lovely & fresh, light but strong florals. Cherry Blossom & Honeysuckle are the initial scents, and it fades into a beautiful Gardenia. I usually do not wear florals in the daytime, but this one is great even for me (I usually wear heavier resiny/incenses) Very springtime & bright, but not soapy/lotiony at all. Just Spring Blossom Freshness, right out of the bottle and on the skin.
  3. rivetted

    Amoretti LXXV

    I was super excited for this one, & well... it is beautiful. Truly. But I also can't imagine myself wearing it? It smells RED. Like bright juicy, wet & sweet candied caramel apple freshness. Imagine the freshest red apple you've ever bitten into, and then imagine it becoming this decadent sultry candied sweetness that you just melt into afterwards. Like a valentine's pillow cloud of sweet red apple candy. Honestly, I'd like to eat this. But not so sure I want to wear it as a perfume.
  4. rivetted

    The Witch/Strega

    I absolutely love this one, it is now a new all-time favorite for me. I have no idea what smells so "odd" to others in the comments here, but It is absolutely possible that I have weird tastes (scents!) This smells like honey, wood, amber, leather. Woodsy, dark. Maybe the "odd" smell is a hint of the patchouli. But it smells far too sweet to me to be off-putting. I think it somehow manages to last on my skin all day, and when I take my bra off at the end of the day (or even when I put it on the next morning!!) I just want to huff the lace it smells so good. I definitely grabbed a second bottle of this one.
  5. rivetted

    The Wish

    This one has been a bit of a sleeper hit for me. It's mysterious - sometimes faint, sometimes in-your-face strong. Initially, I was convinced that I didn't really like it. But it's so similar to a lot of my favorites, yet so mysterious, that I keep wanting to try it. Resinous & incensey with very subtle fruits/florals - dark rooms lit by candlelight, a red haze. Feels like it would fit in well in an opium den sometimes, and yet sometimes it seems so light, classic feminine & summery. The shifts are subtle though, this is definitely a darker & heavier scent most of the time in my mind. I'm looking forward to letting this one sit for a lot longer, as I have a feeling I'll love it even more as it ages.
  6. rivetted

    Leather, Indigo Incense & Red Amber

    I blindly ordered this because I am a sucker for Leather & Amber together, and always looking for more combinations with it. I was super surprised by how strong the Indigo is in this bottle, and was put off at first because it wasn't what I was expecting. However, after some time I couldn't help myself and had this scent stuck in my mind - I started opening this bottle and using it, and immediately fell in love. It's an easy daily wear scent, not as complex as many of my bottles, but I love it for it's simplicity, and I love the blend of these three notes. The indigo remains strong, and it's a gorgeous addition to my collection.
  7. rivetted

    Centzon Totochtin

    I am obsessed with finding all the Mexican smells, and this actually wasn't one of the ones in the list I wanted to try out, but I received a free imp & was pleasantly surprised by how much I like it. So far it unfortunately smells a little soapy on my skin, and less like the deep rum/wine & incense in the imp. I may not buy a bottle of this one to wear, but I'll definitely be keeping the imp as I love to keep around these scent memories.
  8. rivetted

    Beauty, the Aggrieved

    This one is a heavy floral, with a seductive ooze to it, quite beautiful. I have found I simply can't stand this perfume during the day time, but absolutely love to put on as I go to bed at night. There's almost a cream/lotion smell to it that is nice, but it's what throws me off during the daytime. Great for sleeping in, though. I am definitely keeping this bottle.
  9. rivetted

    Snake Smut

    Snake Smut is delicious, as a lover of resin-y & sweet scents. There's definitely a touch of something in the beginning that makes me think of citrus, or orange blossom perhaps, but maybe that's just the boozey smells swirling around and drying down. The only thing I'm sad about is that it doesn't seem to last very long on my skin - maybe an hour or two? So I have to keep reapplying it. Oh well, just have to get two bottles if it's not going to be the lasting type. (Though maybe age will help!)
  10. rivetted


    This bottle is intensely sweet, but in the best "I want to drink this smell in" ways. It is heavy & luxuriant, the perfect type of scent I want to keep in my collection. The amber & bourbon vanilla feel the most strong, with perhaps a touch of the plum & orange blossom brightening it up... just lovely.
  11. rivetted

    Altarpiece - No1 - Group X

    I am glad I looked at the reviews on Altarpiece to blind bottle this one. Before I start - my family history is essentially an art museum. Painters, muralists, artists. Everyone's descriptions of it smelling like an art museum & golden light were intriguing - but for all the personal/sentimental reasons above. I figured, even if it wasn't my thing to wear, I might just enjoy keeping it around to smell it. Imagine my surprise when this bottle smells exactly like my grandmother's house. I have no idea how this is so incredibly specific & accurate for me, but it truly is. I want to live & breathe in this smell, & I want to have it around forever. My grandmothers house is unlike most other's I think. There's a scent of something old, ancient, dusty, but not forgotten - because it is still very lived in. It is both a ritual space & an art studio, with decades of artwork inside it. There's paintings all the way up to the ceilings in bold colors, geometric & psychedelic art from the 60's & 70's, and some still in progress up on the easel with paint & brushes set aside. There's a strong incense over everything, something that is both heavy & grounding, yet light. My grandmother always liked tibetan incenses, & this might be reminding me of nag champa a bit? (I can't recall - it's been a long time since I sniffed any) I think that this is the indigo musk making the strongest note for me. This experience might be limited to my own, but this bottle is extremely lovely. I already ordered a backup.