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    I only have the unreleased prototype of Cheshire Cat as I am allergic to lavender, but here are my thoughts. In the bottle: A light citrus-y scent that might be grapefruit, but everything else I have with grapefruit also has lime so I'm not certain. And definitely some red currant as well. Wet on skin: Very citrus! But smells more like yuzu or pomelo to me than grapefruit. But again, I don't really have any others to compare it to. Drying: The citrus started fading pretty quickly and it started to smell like cotton candy. (?) Something weird going with my skin chemistry I guess, but I'm digging it (= The more it dried, the more the citrus was overpowered by the cotton candy smell and also it started to smell like some kind of fruit that is definitely not red currant. I think doomsday_disco is onto something with the guava idea. I checked a single note fragrance oil I have of guava and it was basically what I was smelling. Except combined with cotton candy. Not what I was expecting, but I love the heck out of it!