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  1. I’m looking for a bpal that’s like creamy milky latte and coffee beans scent. The reviews I find for various coffee forward scents mention lots of spices or dusty woods or rummy booziness. I’d like to find something without those elements, something that’s predominantly sweet cream and coffee beans. Does a bpal like this exist?
  2. Thanks! I think Zonked will fit the bill, I’ll be on the lookout for it. Miskatonic U is the one I was thinking of trying as well but I tend to amp woody notes too so I wasn’t sure if it’d work but I’ll get a sample of that too. Zorya U was also another I was debating, sounds like it’d be worth to test it out. And thank you for the rec for Jiaolong, hadn’t seen that one before. Bpal catalog is so vast, it really helps having these recs to narrow down the to-test list without completely blind buying 😊
  3. Maggi

    Annales Veteris et Novi Testamenti

    I agree with the all the above opinions. This is a fantastic perfume. Someone recommended it to me when I was searching for more bpal similar to Faster Kittycat. It’s not the same but is similar in the dusty chypre and amber aspect. It’s like old books and classic perfume. The writer of ascentaday on Wordpress hit the nail on the head when she likened it to a masculine Chanel 5. But this is not like the edt, more like the smoothness of the parfum. A drop on my wrists and it wafts around me in a beautiful way, good throw and smooth dry down.
  4. Maggi

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    I love House of Matriarch's Coco Blanc but the lovely coco white chocolate notes vanish too quickly on my skin and are overwhelmed by woods. Any bpal that has a similar scent? Like white chocolate buttercream sandalwood goodness?
  5. Great recommendations, thank you! Any advice for ones that smell like 2020 Lilith Boop?
  6. Maggi

    The Caterpillar

    Gorgeous. If you like Guerlain L’heure Bleue, this is very similar. Dreamy, strong and long lasting.
  7. Anything similar to Faster Kittycat? I thought it was very nice but today I wore it on a run and the mix of cool down sweat and perfume is like catnip. This is a fragrance that smells even more amazing heated up. Of course I would discover this once the Lilith’s went down.
  8. I love Green Tree Viper. Can anyone recommend any similar Bpals? I love its soft minty essence, sweet and candy like but not syrup sweet. I just wish it had more throw. But seriously, it is my favorite perfume. I would love to try other Bpal in a similar style, if anyone can recommend any