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  1. coffin.baby

    Peach Vulva

    Peach, peach, peach. Well, a peachy apricot blend but it is certainly a wet, juicy fruit scent. Starts off very juicy and settles into a rich syrupy peach-apricot. The other notes seem to just be support but show up more as the peachiness settles down on the skin. I can detect the amber, frankincense, and rice milk faintly in the background but the cardamom is evading my nose. Good throw— I can smell it on me as I walk around, but it's not so much that my family members have mentioned me leaving a trail as they have with some other scents. It seems to wear off on me quickly. I've reapplied twice in just a few hours. But perhaps that's just me wanting the juiciness to stick around longer.
  2. coffin.baby

    LOVE The Antikythera Mechanism, any suggestions?

    I'm intrigued by Lyonesse and Odin now, they definitely weren't on my wishlist prior. Thank you for the suggestions! I've already perused all notes in the directory that I love from AM, I just know that sometimes similar smells/vibes come from the blends you least expect!
  3. coffin.baby

    Reviews on several scents

    In case you haven't found them here are some links: Snow White (Reviews > Limited Editions > Yules) Revenant hair gloss (Reviews > Black Phoenix Trading Post > hair) Winter Scene in Little Russia (Reviews > Limited Editions > Yules) Fir Needle & Smoke (Reviews > Duets & Menage A Trois) Cedarwood, Vanilla, and Balsam (Reviews > Duets & Menage A Trois) Black Forest (Reviews > Bewitching Brews) I included how I found each one as well, hopefully to help you in future searches. All perfumes are reviewed under their corresponding collections.
  4. coffin.baby

    Recommendation for a newbie? :)

    Hello fellow Gemini! We like the same music and I, too, am a lover of black 😁 Here are my suggestions from my collection: Spellbound (three roses, radiant amber, and sensual red musk). What I wear on my 80s goth days. It's a very rich, dark, musky rose. La Petite Mort (warm, damp skin flushed with the glow of passion, touched by the luxuriant potency of ylang ylang and myrrh). A bright, warm fruity floral. I wear this when I want something uplifting yet still sexy Jezebel (honey, roses, orange blossom and sandalwood) is a sweet, sexy floral scent. Similar in vibe to the last one but sweet and not as fruity. Though it's not listed, the honey and sandalwood give the impression of warm, damp skin musk. Delight (Frangipani, with rose, tuberose, and jasmine)—a blend of nothing but flowers. Reminds me of a flower garden in spring, especially of the pungent wisteria that used to bloom by my old house. Very strong jasmine note, so if you love jasmine it's a great choice. The Raven (Violet and neroli mingled with iris, white sandalwood and dark musk). Violet and iris darkened by musk. Another very floral blend. Old Scratch (a lavender fougere with tonka, amber, rosewood and a whiff of diabolical patchouli.) Main notes are lavender fougere, and patchouli. An ethereal floral. Maiden (white tea, carnation and Damask Rose.) The smells like freshly cut flowers. Anubis (holy myrrh, storax, balsam, and embalming herbs.) Hard to describe this one! It's resinous incense and green herbs though. Cathedral (the scent of incense smoke wafting through an ancient church. A true ecclesiatical blend of pure resins.) incense and wooden church pews. I hope at least one of them piques your interest!
  5. I got The Antikythera Mechanism in my first imp order and I'm sure it'll be my first bottle purchase. I have yet to find any other scents that I love as much as this one. The teakwood and tobacco are the notes that really get me, but the warmth of the blackened vanilla is what makes it the sweet woody scent that I love. I'd love some suggestions for perfumes in the same vein!
  6. coffin.baby

    Orris Root, Carnation & Tobacco

    The orris root grounds the scent with tobacco and carnation battling for center stage. On my skin the carnation prevails with tobacco adding a warm undertone. Only with a deep inhale does the tobacco really come out. I'll have to agree with zankoku_zen that it's a spicy carnation with just a whiff of tobacco. Good throw, I can smell it on my arm through my sweatshirt as I'm typing this. Too impatient to comment on wear length. Update: long wearing. I ended up making it into a spray because I like it on my clothes (I get more tobacco that way) and not my skin.
  7. coffin.baby

    Gebirgsschlucht Im Winter

    In the bottle: blackberry forward, like fresh crushed berries, hint of greenness from the oak moss and cypress bark On the skin: the black vegetal musk begins to come out, reminds me of berry scented winter candles Dry down: indigo blossom shows up and it becomes apparent that the blackberries are candied. It begins to smell more like a candle as it dries more, perhaps from the musk. After a while some bitterness returns from the oak moss, which (thankfully) helps cut the sweetness. I wish the fresh green scent would have stayed though. Bottom line: Candied blackberries deepened by black vegetal musk The note that barely shows up in the tobacco absolute. I can tell that it ever so slightly warms (like blackberry baked goods) but isn’t very distinguishable. As previously mentioned by others, I think it's too sweet for me. I may wear it on a day that I'm feeling bubbly. It's reminding me a lot of a berry scone, which someone may love but I'm more of an earthy scent person.