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  1. I'll have a look at those, thanks!
  2. I was wondering if anyone knows of any scents similar to Templum Victoriae Atmospheric Spray. I love it so much and my mini bottle is all gone. It would be wonderful if there was an oil equivalent.
  3. Phikli

    Looking for a BPAL that Resembles a Favorite Perfume

    Dior's Hypnotic Poison and Bpal's The Girl remind me of each other - they are by no means identical but to my nose, HP smells like the warm, rich sibling of the cooler, crisper The Girl.
  4. Phikli


    On me, this is exactly like Huesos De Santo, minus the orange. It's anise and cake. Nice enough but not bottle worthy.
  5. Phikli

    Roses, Pearls, and Diamonds

    Whilst it says red rose in the description, on me it is much more reminiscent of bpal's white rose note (which is my favourite) - it reminds me of Katrina Van Tassel (without the cream and honey) and especially White Rose from the Unity Set, with the combination of rose and a touch of coconut. However it might just be my nose mixing the rose with the creamier scents of coconut etc that leads me to read it as white rose. I love it. It is beautiful, light and magical. A bottle purchase for sure! ETA: The rose has all but disappeared on the dry down and now it's just dusty and musky. Not so perfect after all.
  6. Phikli

    The Girl

    Utterly amazing! I would have never tried this one had it not been for the reviews, so thank you all. None of the notes called to me, and jasmine is normally a note of death (this has now given me hope that some jasmine variants will work). I bought a decant which arrived today and I am completely in love. It's utterly unlike any bpal I've tried, which is a bit silly to say given the diversity of the catalogue, but still. I can't pick out any notes - most of them are unfamiliar to me. But I can say that it smells breathtakingly beautiful. I do get a vanilla-vibe off it, and a coolness. I'm so glad my decant arrived in time for me to leap in for a couple of bottles.
  7. Phikli

    Katrina van Tassel

    I love this one - it's definitely in my top 10 (and I only have two bottles ). White rose is my favourite rose note. It's one of those 'buy a bottle as soon as you see it listed' notes - my other great white rose love is 'White Rose' from the Unity set. This blend is very soft and sweet. For me the rose is dominant but the cream and honey add smoothness and sweetness. If only this blend had a strong throw and long wear length it would be my No1, but sadly I find it fades very quickly. I still love it to pieces though!
  8. Phikli

    Perfumes that invoke Asia, Japan...

    Mmm, thanks for the suggestions! I do have the perfume half of one of the warrior queens on order (Tomoe Gozen) so we'll see how that turns out, and if imps surface on swaps of some of the others I'll definitely try them. Bakeneko sounds lovely - it'd be nice to have a warmer smell as it'll be winter - many of the Asian scents smell very springlike to me. Aizen-Myoo I'll try to get my hands on and if I can find a decant of Spell of Amorous Love I'll get that too - I love my fruity florals!
  9. I'm going on holiday to Japan in December and am incredibly excited! As there are so many lovely Asian/Japanese inspired bpals I thought it'd be great to take a set of them on my holiday, both to enjoy when I'm there and to help me recall it when I'm back home. I'll be there for 10 days, visiting Kobe, Kyoto, Tokyo, Hiroshima and some countryside in between. So far on my list of things to take I have: Budding Moon Lovers in a Ricefield Kistsune-Tsuki Kumiho Tamamo-no-mae (on its way to me - haven't tried yet) I reckon I should try some Kyoto seeing as I'm visiting there but what other Asian/Japanese style perfumes should I try?
  10. Phikli


    In the bottle - pure love! Creamy fruits. Wet - apple is the most prominent fruit for me and it's still beautiful. But as it dries, it starts to smell odd, like some peanut based snack I can't remember the name of but really really hate. Musty peanuts. Why did this happen? All the notes should have been fine on me...
  11. Phikli

    Apples?? Finding the right apple scent

    If you happened to come across Pumpkin Patch 1 from 05 or 06, I find that is a yummy spicey apple. It's Pumpkin with apple cider and mulling spice, and I find the pumpkin adds a bit of a buttery note. Fearful Pleasure is gorgeous but the smoke note is quite strong, at least on me. For GCs, Jack has that spiced fruit vibe going on :The scent of warm, glowing jack o’lanterns on a warm autumn night: true Halloween pumpkin, spiced with nutmeg, glowing peach and murky clove.