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    casual sniffer
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    United Kingdom


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    ...like a girl
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    I love a wide variety of notes, I’m still exploring. My favourite bottles so far are deathrock, phantom calliope, cabaret goth, usher, absinthe and les demons froids

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    Circus (I’m an aerialist and fire performer in circus )
    Horse riding


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  1. Nenedhel

    My Bpal collection

    I thought it would be nice to actually make a list more for my own reference than anything really. 5ml Bottles CD Doc Constantine Theodosius, the Legerdemain The phantom Calliope l'heure verte Agrat-bat-mahlaht Jiaolong Arachnina the spider girl RPG Elf Gnome Bat day event Deathrock steamgoth cabaret goth vamp goth rivet goth romanti goth GC Shub-niggorath Le serpent qui danse Others Yules the Chinese dance Snowflakes’09 weenies snake oil wax vampire teeth ‘19 Yipe’2016 Las Vegas '11 Others the last unicorn fire eater lab rat Snow moon ‘12 moon of ice’08 usher wolf moon’11 Dalliance with an amorous bat demon the night Tombeur do you like clowns? les demons froids cold moon midnight kiss vampire tears Hoggle Circus bear tea time with Roswell Sky typing with chemtrails Bunny Moon'08 Imps/decants GC kabuki van van O Sin Chimera Water of Notre-Dam wrath The dodo Tushnamatay vasilissa inferno old demon of the first class vial of hold water artificer al-shiraan plunder All night long the white rider euphorosyne miskatonic university Nyx pride venice othello kumiho rapture desire nocturne the black rider haunted spellbound lust azathoth love me somnus belladonna come to me Cheshire cat Wanda druid the deep ones kyoto Rose cross Delirium block buster windward passage behemoth maenad absinthe rogue Cthulhu snooty rose high strung daisies white rabbit the grave-pig harlot fae Fenris wolf Schrödinger’s cat Tis the voice of the lobster aglalea the mouses long and sad tale has no hanna namaste poisoned apple embalming fluid ave Maria grata plena ogygia Thieves rosin galvanic goggles whip LE midnight carnival lilac woods the ninth cage mommy fortuna the Arachne lydia the butterfly neptunite Phoenix when all Colours to black are cast Visiting the sumacha river with a geisha Desert places The fire pig Others the spectral courtesan hair gloss imp fae forest room spray imp