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  1. I suppose I've actually liked four scents total, but only two do I wear regularly. I'm really new to buying perfumes and I want advice before I make another shot-in-the-dark order. This post is rather long, but I thought a scent profile might help. What I'm looking for: SCENTS THAT I CAN BUY AS IMPS Green, sweet, fruity, mossy scents for daily wear Something that smells like the California coast with a lot of greenery (sea air, sagebrush?) Gourmand - I want to smell like dessert without it being cloying Some notes that I like - lavender, tonka, rosemary, guava, fig, pumpkin, apple, citrus juice Avoid maybe: Amber, honey, sugar - as dominant notes, these tend to become cloying, powdery, and sickly on me Soapy florals Musk Vetiver - I want to smell like a forest, but not like wood? Daily wear: Poisoned Apple - it's a cooler scent than I expected, but I really like it The Apothecary - reminds me of LUSH's Guardian of the Forest. Occasional wear: Eat Me - it mellows on my skin, so it never turns cloying. I'd wear it to a tea party. Centzon Totochtin - the kind of scent I'd wear to a dinner party where I hate everyone invited. It's a mean scent. Didn't Like (all aged between 3-6 months): Baku - I love lavender, but the anise and eucalyptus notes make it too sharp and sickly-medicinal Shanghai - I expected to love this, but it smells like household cleaner Carnal - I dislike that the mandarin note smells more like the rind than the flesh, and the fig turns into Double Bubble Jack - this never smelled like pumpkins or peaches on me, just weirdly sweet, and then the bottle broke Persephone - the rose turns powdery La Belle Au Bois Dormant - smells like white soap The Red Queen - now that it's aged six months, the cherry note completely disappears on my skin Cardamom Cream Pumpkin Cake - it mellows on me, but it doesn't mellow enough. I thought I liked cardamom more than I actually do. Vice - it's... plasticky? Baobhan Sith - the grapefruit isn't sweet at all, and I dislike the florals Apple Butter Rum - it smells waxy to me Death on a Pale Horse - sharp and woody Coyote - turns into flat amber Berzerker - also plasticky Hated Golden Priapus - I really liked this at first, but now I can't stand it Dorian - cloying O - cloying, baby powder, ugh Scent families from LUSH that I like: Rose Jam Twilight/Sleepy So White/Once Upon A Time/Santa's Belly Guardian of the Forest Seanik