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    Brood X

    My very first review here because I feel very strongly about this one. This I absolutely love. I'm not familiar with many of the notes in this individually, but all together, it's gorgeous and not at all what I was expecting. This reminds me a lot of a Wild Berry incense that I burn exclusively during autumn (if I remember the name, I'll edit to add it). Not exactly the same of course, but it lives in the same place of happiness in my brain. It smells like change, the turning of leaves or the next stage of the life cycle. Immediate new favorite comfort scent. That said, it's the amber that gives it the incense scent on my skin, not the patchouli, and it's a rather faint in comparison. It blends in with everything else nicely. Brood X goes on strong and significantly sweet with the hay absolute and some earthiness making it not so overwhelming. As it dries, the sweetness from the sugarcane comes to the front a little more. It stays pretty close to my skin, but it hangs around for quite a while. Unlike some of the other reviews, it doesn't really morph on me, but every time I bring my wrist to my nose, I seem to detect something different. It's lovely 💕