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  1. HeavenScent

    Fir Needle & Smoke

    Fir trees, condensed and gorgeous fir trees! It begins with the same sweet and slushy/snowy for note that is also in Winter Scene In Little Russia, but with a little bit of smoky depth coming through. The smoke is a tease on my skin. I was hoping for a more smoky bonfire smell intermingled with the fir. Still, this is a particularly full of win find for me because I love the purity of it. It is untainted holiday tree sweetness in a bottle. This is the smell of walking through a Douglas Fir tree farm and stopping to huff a good looking branch...(I love tree-stank) while the girly and glittery floral perfume you put on that morning wafts up from your wrists. (It isn’t overpoweringly floral...if anyone remembers Snow Bunny, it reminds me of it!) It has wonderful throw and lasts for quite a while!! Oh! There’s the lovely smokey goodness! It appears and rallies after about 2 hours on me, and I am in heaven! I need a gallon of this.
  2. HeavenScent

    Winter Scene in Little Russia

    Wet on my wrist, this is dark and sticky pine sap and smoke, trees upon trees mingling with sweet slush and tea with a touch of citrus. Wow, I’m loving the forestry vibe of this blend! It reminds me of the dried pinion that I burn on charcoal disks. Gorgeous and complex white tea steeped with lavender come out as it dries. It’s like a wild celebratory bonfire at night in a forest with the snow note adding a fresh and kind of floral component and mingling with the smoky pine a little bit, then switching to the white tea at the forefront and becoming more of a pure tea with a squeeze of citrus scent as it evolves. The floral note is not overpowering, it’s in the forefront crisp and white, a whiff of pure white flowers from the lap of the person sitting next to you mingling with wafting poofs of lavender. It adds a gorgeous depth to the fading pine. The pine needles crunched in snow stay until the end though, never fading completely and it lasts for SO long! A few hours later: this is still the scent of beautiful white lavender tea. It seems to have somehow morphed into a more redolent tea, more mul-tea faceted. 🙂
  3. HeavenScent


    Cucidati is gorgeous! redolent but not overpowering. It isn’t overly sweet, but it’s definitely has key citrus, spice and just baked aroma contributions that balance the blend perfectly. Cudidati has a warm from the oven smell that snakes through your abode, warming it with the spicy baked imprint (that hangs around!) of a fresh batch of special Winter treats. The spices mingle together and the individual notes blend together in a layered and beautiful way, becoming more distinct after about 10 minutes. Something smells almost savory, and it ⭐️totally⭐️ works with the other notes in Cucidati. This is a perfectly balanced and straight-up, grown-up sexy Italian Biscotti to my nose in every way. that would pair really well with an espresso/coffee Winter blend. If I didn’t love Biscotti so much, I’d say it reminded me of gingerbread, but this is the smell of a home or Sicilian bakery after the oven is opened, warmed by tradition and a recipe that is cherished and has been handed down and perfected. There is not a hint of craft store in Cucidati.The almond note is really beautiful and gourmand, not like a strong cherry-almond, more of a perfect almond paste baked into the Cucidati. The biscotti vibe I’ve been getting is still going strong after a couple of hours. I don’t know how, but Beth somehow stuffed the toasty and sweet scent of Italian dessert perfection into a bottle. It has staying power, and doesn’t get muddy at all. (translation; the notes stay distinct to me) I might need an extra bottle of this, it is a very unique scent!