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  1. RoseOfLuna

    Pomegranate and Vetiver

    This one is honestly kind of sexy! It's definitely sweet, and at first it reminded me of candy. After it was dry, it made me think of a darker Persephone. It's definitely sweet, but it's more of a dark sweetness. I was skeptical when I read the notes, but I bought a decant on a whim, and now I wish I had a full bottle!
  2. RoseOfLuna

    Strawberry and Rosebud

    This one is really lovely! In the bottle, the strawberry is pretty strong. It reminded me of Strawberry Moon 2019 at first with how strong it was. Once it was tested and dry, the rose came out more. It's sort of a powdery rose scent, not at all like The Rose (which turns into soap on me)! It's also not the sugary sweet rose of Rapture Pig. It's something in between those, which I really like. Wish I didn't just have a decant of this one!
  3. RoseOfLuna

    Blood Amber

    In the bottle: Getting a lot of the amber notes, with a hint of dragon's blood. Wet: Very amber-y, honestly it smells kind of like a Home Depot a mile away. That's probably the resin! Dry: The blood note comes trickling in, and sweetens the whole thing. Not as much like a distant Home Depot now. Overall impression: I like things that are warm and musky like this. It's a bit androgynous on me, which is also a plus. It doesn't stay on me for very long, and the throw is pretty small.
  4. RoseOfLuna

    Rapture Pig

    I fell in love with this one in the bottle because I'm a sucker for roses and sugar. I learned that a little goes a long way with this one! If I put the same amount that I'd put of any other scent I own, it's pretty overpowering and has a crazy throw range. Its longevity is pretty intense too. If I wear a necklace that day, the necklace will smell like Rapture Pig for a few days after. I get mostly the rosy notes and the red currant out of it, but I was in the car with my family on the way to a family gathering not long after I put it on, and my dad said that he smelled sawdust! It was funny and embarrassing, but I'm not sure what notes could've turned into sawdust.