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    Recommendations for a single man

    Thanks every one. What about something that's bright and works well in the high heat and high humidity, but is still masculine?
  2. I watched the Nobodies Wrestling and they promoted their scent. I got it and it smells too feminine and too much strawberry for me. I gave it to a relative. I reached out on twitter and BPAL suggested I try Imp Pack: Men’s Perfume Oil sample. There are 6 there. I figure I should get 4 more to make it an even 10. I don't have a note in particular. But I want to smell like what you think Blair Underwood on L.A. Law would smell like. For reference, some of my favorite colognes are Creed's Aventus, Angel Men, Gucci Pour 2, and prada infusion d'homme. If you have heard of these. Any ideas that you can share?