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  1. Corey Shea

    First Fruits

    First impression is that this smells like my Yankee Candle collection in the best kind of way. Fruity and bright without being overpowering. There's something sensual about it - a sweetness that makes you want to taste - especially when it eventually dries down to a soft, golden whisper, tempting you to lean in closer just to get a whiff. I don't get any spice from it personally either, but on my fiance it definitely did have a mild spiced-fruits scent in the bouquet.
  2. Corey Shea

    Government Officials at an Orgy

    This starts on me as a nice, warm, spicy clove with a hint of sweetness and freshness behind it. Unfortunately, that starts to fade within the first half-hour and what I'm left with is the smell of commercial handsoap. The pink gel kind that you find in public restrooms. And of course that's the portion of the scent that hangs around for the rest of the day. I received my order a month ago and have tried it every week or so to see if it has improved (and hence waited to review), but at this point I think it's probably just my skin chemistry that one(?) of the components is going soapy on. The blend definitely seems to be getting more complex and more lovely until the handsoap scent comes out, and then it's still just about all I can smell. (Several floral notes tend to turn to straight soap on me, so). EDIT: It smells lovely on my fiance all the way through - much like other reviewers have mentioned - with no soapiness to be found. So, skin chemistry issues aside, it's a lovely perfume.