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  1. rhinestone tempest


    This did a complete 180 for me--when the imp first arrived the amber was completely out of control and the scent was so powdery as to be totally unwearable. Revisited after several months, though, and all of a sudden it's a lovely, warm lemon. I don't think I'll put it into heavy rotation--it's nice but can get to be too much after a while, so a gentle touch is best--but it's . certainly miles better than what i thought it was when I first got it, and I can think of a few situations where I'd want to smell like it!
  2. rhinestone tempest

    Forest & Woods Scents (with and without evergreens)

    I'd throw my hat in for Brangwy--it's a sort of very dry, almost sharp wood that doesn't really mellow out all that much in my experience. It's not got the underlying musks that Fenris and Black Forest have, but you can always layer if you want a hint of it! (I haven't tried this combination yet but I think it could go great with Thieves' Rosin, which is very very musky with some pine Edit: do NOT do this, it smells like a bonfire of reliquaries and lasts forever. bad idea.) Loup Garou is a very pleasant pine, but in my experience it's a little weak and fades easily, so you may have to slather. Seconding the minty notes in Yggrdasil, too; it's not a knock against it, just something to be aware of. I personally found Jersey Devil a touch on the sweet side, but it's more of an earthy sweetness (from the berries) so that may work better for the forest sensibility. And if you're willing to stretch the definition of "foresty," there are also a couple less-woodsy scents that still lean natural/earthy: Oblivion is heavier on the spices and patchouli but with a good sturdy wood underlying it. And it's a very cool green color in the imp! Alecto is not very woodsy, but it is leafy and herbal, with some of the same earthy-sweetness as Jersey Devil. If you really want to lean into the actual-plants smells, Squirting Cucumber is pure grass and leaves--no wood at all, but smells perfectly (and rather surprisingly so!) like a real plant.
  3. rhinestone tempest

    Loup Garou

    It's certainly a nice woodsy scent, piney (or pine-adjacent, I suppose) but not in an overwhelming way. I've tried to wear this a few times and have been a little underwhelmed, but there's nothing to this that I dislike, per se. The problem I'm having is that this is so faint on me--even smelling it in the imp feels a little like I'm doing so from a distance. Wearing it reminds me of being in the gift shop of a national park: you're in the woods, kind of, but a step removed. (And it does come across just a touch musty to me.) I do read this scent as being pretty dry and warm, so it's nice and comforting, but I think there are other wood scents that accomplish that a little better. Perhaps my skin just swallows whatever notes are supposed to be the most prominent and leaves the rest of the scent without a firm foundation. Or I'm just not used to subtle notes!
  4. rhinestone tempest

    Fenris Wolf

    The very first scent I ever decided to order--and I got extremely lucky! It's spicy, woody, and honestly kind of sexy, but not too much of any one thing, which is frankly itself quite important. The musk gives the wood notes a really nice depth, and as it dries on me it leaves a lingering sweet scent, which stops it from being overpowering. It also lasts quite a long time, which is very nice. I find it to be masculine and warm, without being imposing or overly sharp. I've spent most of my ensuing orders trying to find something I like for everyday use as much as this, but honestly I don't know that I've found one I like as much! I'm a big fan.
  5. rhinestone tempest


    ... His scent is soft English leather, rosewood and tonka with a hint of incense, parchment and soft woods. Was originally unsure how I felt about this--it's got some good dimensions, but it seemed like I couldn't decide whether or not it was something I actually enjoyed smelling like. Then I realized: It's basically a fancy Old Spice. Which isn't necessarily bad! I think I'll reserve it for when I need a particularly pointed cologne. But I don't think I'll ever need much more than an imp. I also just don't really get any parchment at all, nor rose; I think my skin amps the sandalwood too much and drowns them out. (Which, honestly, isn't all bad as I'm not a huge fan of smelling like paper...)