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  1. bsods

    Dreams Shape the World

    Soft and sort of.... Soapy? That might just be how the amber reads on first wear for me. There's a bite it posesses on the dry down, something sharp lingering in the background that you almost don't notice. Definitely a lavender- but less dreamy and more disorienting. This would probably make a good bedtime scent.
  2. bsods

    Recs for my first order

    Hmm, interesting that it smells a little different from the usual old book smell. I must admit I was expecting a sort of usual "dusty" smell, but what you described doesn't sound bad! It's funny, the earthy-ness of I Be the Witch of the Wood was buried underneath layers of smoke and apple for me. Sixteen92 is just very strong on my skin for some reason, so maybe after a few more weeks of letting it sit it will mellow out. The only complaints I have about S92's Christmas stuff is that it's all super sweet smelling, but I'm pretty new to this so that might just be my nose! Of the ones you suggested Penny Dreadful and Deep in Earth sound amazing. And Poison Apple is also something I might want to pick up- I'm a sucker for spiced apple as it would seem. Baba Yaga sounds way more like something I'd like in this line (seems like it'll be less incense-y, which might agree with my nose better). I'm in love with the description of goblin. Hmm, I hope the same doesn't happen when I try those- I've heard a lot of people say that ocean notes do that on their skin. The very lovely Lucchesa was generous enough to send me some samples and there was Sea of Glass in there, which didn't turn soapy, so I think I might be safe. I'm sort of looking for a scent that's heavy on kelp salty-ness (like getting caught in a intense storm on the beach), so I'll be trying out some different samples for sure. The Sea Foam Milk also sounds really relaxing. " It's sweet and spicy but not flowery or foody." sounds right up my alley. I'll check that one out!
  3. bsods

    Recs for my first order

    I'm glad my fear of Snake Oil being too sweet is being put to rest here, it seems like one of those iconic bpal scents that demands to be tried. I'll buy a sample and put it aside for later consideration if I end up not liking it. Interesting, I've also had problems with only being able to smell certain notes. I thought maybe it was my nose not being used to complex scents, but maybe some scents are bound to just end up smelling one note on my skin. Regardless, Miskatonic sounds really lovely. I've been dying to try a scent with clove, so bengal seems like a really good suggestion! I love the idea of an orange blossom-y type of scent, so Vixen's also going on my list for sure. That seems to be the consensus for Snake Oil- I think if I get a sample I'll probably end up liking it somewhere along the way. I keep on coming back to Streets of Detroit because I'm so curious about the smell, it's really captured my imagination. So I might just have to bite the bullet since I can't get it out of my head. Crossroads and Jazz Funeral sound right up my alley, and I'm a bit of a sucker for calla lily so I think I'll also give The Ghost a try. Thanatopsis and Black Forrest seem to have really interesting dark notes that I think I'll love. Druid has also piqued my interest (a burgundy incense? interesting). Once again thank you for your generosity, I'd love to take any aquatics off your hands that you don't want anymore. I hope I can give back to the community sometime in the same way. Eat Me and Shub-Niggurath both sound interesting if a little bit intense. There's a lot to learn, for sure. I feel like it's hard for me to figure out the specifics of scents and I can only really tell whether or not I like or dislike something and not the why. I think you bring up a really great point about starting with simpler scents, I hadn't really thought about that but it does sound a lot easier.
  4. bsods

    Recs for my first order

    Thanks for the opinions! These are very helpful. I actually really love patchouli (somehow it doesn't read as incense-y to my nose), so snake oil is definitely on my list now. I'll also check out the other suggestions.
  5. bsods

    Recs for my first order

    Hey everyone, I'm new to bpal and wanted some opinions before I put in my first order. So far some of the scents I seem to gravitate towards are: warm, spicy, floral, woody, and gourmands. Perfumes that I've really enjoyed: Cacao Woods (Nest)(Bittersweet Cocoa, Sequoia Wood, White Sandalwood, Tiare Blossom, Thai Ginger/warm & sweet gourmand) I Be the Witch of the Wood (sixteen92)(Wheat and straw, dark forest, poisoned apple, chimney smoke, fur, blood/a dark green woody atmospheric) The Spirit of Christmas Present (sixteen92)(A Christmas feast of shortbread, pudding cake, winter figs, chestnuts, and dates; jolly wreaths of holly, clinking porcelain cups, the silence of new-fallen snow/A warm & fruity atmospheric gourmand) Midnight Fleur (Nest)(Exotic Woods, Black Amber, Patchouli, Night-Blooming Jasmine, Vanilla Orchid/floral & woody) Notes that I haven't enjoyed as much: I tried Baby Yaga by sixteen92 and the dragon's blood incense in it was a little bit too much for me. Obviously Bpal and Sixteen92 are completely different brands, however I think I might have a slight distaste for incense. I'm willing to have my mind changed about this, however. Bpal scents that have piqued my interest: Streets of Detroit: I'm intrigued by the idea of motor oil. The Reaper and the Flowers: Out of stock, but I love the idea of smelling like lilies and funerals. Any suggestions for scents like this would be appreciated. Jareth: I'm in love with the Labyrinth movie, but I thought this might be a bit too sweet and intense. Snake Oil: This one sounds interesting, but I'm a little afraid it'll be too sickly sweet since I'm not a huge fan of vanilla. Miskatonic University: I like the idea of smelling like old books. And the irish coffee is sure to be right up my alley (I can't imagine not getting an imp of this one, it sounds right up my alley). Imp Pack: Aquatic: I want something that reminds me of the sea, since I've lived near the ocean my entire life and want a scent for when I move away eventually. However I'm not sure if I need a whole pack of samples. TKO: I've heard mixed opinions on this one, but I've heard it's good for sleeping so I thought I might enjoy that. Any suggestions for other scents, or opinions on the scents listed, would be very much appreciated.