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  1. For me, the strongest and longest lasting are: Le Serpent Qui Danse (so much throw, my colleagues tell me they can smell it all over the huge warehouse. Win!) Kill-Devil Malediction Black Forest Spellbound Dragon’s Milk I think Fae and Titania also have pretty good throw for me
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    Thanks! I never even thought to check out those butterfly ones. Though I wonder what kind of scent ‘petroleum’ creates. 😄
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    Okay I shall. It’s Oceany and not ‘swampy’?
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    Thank you. I may try Potamides. Honeysuckle is one of my favorite notes and I love waterlily too.
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    I’m looking for a good aquatic/oceanic scent. Especially one that has a lot of throw and lasts long. I absolutely loved the Deep Ones, it was the perfect oceanic. But sadly, it was discontinued, leaving me to find a replacement.☹️ I have tried Cthulhu, but it’s soapy and smells like pinesol cleaner or something.