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    In general I like fruity and feminine scents, patchouli, vanilla, and florals tempered with other notes. My favorites so far are Kitsune-Tsuki, Van Van, The White Rider, and Anteros.

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    Writing, sewing, historical fashion, cooking and baking, and pretty scents.


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  1. mimicofmodes


    I was very excited to try Athens as the ancient Mediterranean world used to be a great interest of mine (it got me into archaeology, which then got me into museums), but unfortunately this was just overpoweringly honey-scented on me. When I was feeling it, it was like hot toast with butter and honey, but when I wasn't, it just seemed sickly-sweet. The staying power and throw were, frankly, amazing - I wish I could get that with certain others!
  2. mimicofmodes


    I got this as a frimp, and I'm so glad I did! It's a very sweetly feminine scent, which is exactly what I like. Sandalwood and jasmine were coming through stronger when it was wet; I have a hard time differentiating musks and ambers as I don't tend to smell them separately in day-to-day life, but I think that's largely what I'm getting now that it's dry. Edit: Or maybe that goes the other way around? The last, lingering note that stuck with me for hours and hours was very similar to that with White Rider, which I suppose is sandalwood.
  3. mimicofmodes

    Voodoo Lily

    Right away, I got a big hit of spice (and maybe sandalwood), but as it dried, a beautiful, creamy lily came out. Unfortunately, it continued to dance in and out around the spice when I would have preferred the opposite. I don't dislike the scent, but I think I'd rather have a purer lily.
  4. mimicofmodes

    The White Rider

    White leather and sandalwood. In the bottle and just on my skin, my first thought was "this smells like a doctor's office!" Disinfectant and anxiety. It's been interesting to read through the many different odd things people smell in this when it's wet! So even though nobody else apparently got the same impression, at least I'm not alone in my initial repulsion. As it started to dry, the leather came out in a big way. At first, I didn't like it - it was the smell of a leather goods booth at the county fair (this is a universal experience, right?), very strong and fresh and kind of industrial leather. But eventually it softened and the sandalwood came out, blending perfectly and evenly. The comparisons to perfumed handbags and gloves are perfect. By this point, I really, really loved it. It was quite a journey, though!