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  1. Candlewight


    At the very start, it's definitely almondy. It takes only a second for another lovely scent to take over. It feels different breathing in than breathing out. The intake is a kind of generic musk smell, but the out-breath makes it: herbal and heady, which I'm guessing is the myrrh! With more time, the musk and herbs mingle, with more herbal on the out-breath (does this only happen to me?) Sadly, I find it mellows into a simple musk within 3-4 hours. I miss the myrrh!
  2. Candlewight

    Herbal, resin, dry and bitter

    I've been scouting the directory and forums for a very particular scent, but haven't had much luck. I've only sampled Snake Oil, Gaueko, Hecate, Morocco and The Lights of Men's Lives, but I already know what I'm looking for and what I dislike! The only one of these I really liked was Hecate, and it disappeared on me after about 3 hours. Snake Oil, Morocco and even The Lights of Men's Lives were too sweet on me. Gaueko had a scent I wasn't quite into, but I liked it better than the others. I don't like heavy musks, soapy or watery scents, and especially dislike gourmands and florals. I love myrrh, sage, cedar and nag champa. I am particularly fearful that most resin scents are a little sweet, and most herbal scents are a little floral. Are there any mixes like these, maybe with other woody, incensey or dirty notes?