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    Mostly blends that tend to have earthy, musky, or dessert notes. I am still new to BPAL but right now my favorites are Dorian, Brown Jenkin, Coyote, and Sapphics.

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    Climbing, tea, horror, and film photography to name a few!


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  1. pigeonheart

    Novel Ideas for Secret Amusements

    I'm glad someone else mentioned cantaloupe, because the dominant top notes I am getting smell like melon! It is similar to cucumber/melon fragrances I've smelled before, but it's much nicer. It's hard for me to find the words because I don't think I could identify tortoiseshell, ivory, or mahogany prior to smelling this. All in all it's a cool and soothing blend of scents. I expected something like teak but the mahogany is subdued, clean, and resinous. Polite and polished. The amber cream gives it a soft depth that it otherwise would be lacking, but it doesn't amp like other amber scents do on me--it's just enough for you to know it's there if you study it closely. I wish this scent lasted longer on me but it fades after a few hours. It's very elegant and lovely. Maybe not enough to get a bottle, but jury is still out...
  2. pigeonheart

    King Cake

    Thank you so much Amoss! In the bottle, this stuff smells like brioche. It’s an eggy pastry confection with a sprinkling of cinnamon and a dollop of cream. So good you almost want to eat it. Wet: Upon first application and for thirty minutes after, I was really concerned that the almond was going to hide everything else. All I could small was sweet almond and a vanilla scent that reminded me of cheap candles. Bravely I persisted. Dry: There’s the eggy pastry that I was hoping for. The almond gradually backed off and there’s a lovely combination of moist cake, cinnamon, light almond, and cream cheese frosting. What started as cloying and overwhelmingly sweet has morphed into a warm, dessert-scented cloud. There is a faint almost plastic-like scent beneath it all but it isn’t strong enough to bother me. A lot of people keep saying breakfast and I think it’s due to the egg/bready components. It isn’t dark enough for maple syrup, but it whispers honey and powdered sugar. Drying: It is much, much more subdued and well-balanced than on first application. Every now and then I will do something around the house and catch a waft of egg pastry, cream, and spice. After more time, the almond-sugar-cream smells are back and it's a little much. Too sweet to be an everyday scent but I’m excited to see how it ages.
  3. pigeonheart


    This is so lovely. It actually reminds me of a commercial perfume--a small sample of Eau So Sexy that I got from Victoria's Secret, no less. It has a similar sweet-citrus-floral composition. On first application there's the strong scent of bergamot. As it dries, it becomes more subdued and sweet like a lemon pastry. There's vanilla in the background and a creaminess that's to die for. I can't place the floral but my nose isn't educated when it comes to floral notes. Some have said lavender and that may be right. It reminds me of a lavender and sandalwood laundry detergent I used to buy. There's a light, musky undertone but rather than in-your-face heavy incense musk, it's soft musk that balances the citrus and the tea. And this reminds me of something else--an earl grey creme that I get from a local coffee shop. I'm not complaining. These are ALL things that I love. It doesn't throw very far and it tends to fade rapidly, so I slather it on and reapply throughout the day. This could easily be an everyday wear for me. I'm so happy that I have a bottle in the mail right now. TLDR: earl grey creme in scent form
  4. pigeonheart

    Blood Kiss

    Lush, creamy vanilla and the honey of the sweetest kiss smeared with the vital throb of husky clove, swollen red cherries, but darkened with the vampiric sensuality of vetiver, soporific poppy and blood red wine, and a skin-light pulse of feral musk. I really wanted to like this blend. Sadly, it becomes a sickly sweet mess on my skin. Wet: Holy cherries. Red, juicy cherries--the kind of cherries you top off a cheesecake with. Dry: Here the cloves and the vetiver come out to play. Sharp and kind of cedar, with a nasal-clearing quality like eucalyptus. There's some deep, musky note underneath it all but it's hard to pin down. The cherries have receded a bit and the combination of smells makes me think of cough drops. Or hospitals. Drying: There is a hint of honey in there, too, but after a few tests I've come to find that Beth's honey note turns rancid on me. This is truly awful. I smell like a sick person who has been in bed for days with a bag of cough drops. Ended up scrubbing this one off. When I first tried it, all I got was cherry. After letting it rest for a week it turned into cherry cough syrup. No good.