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    Mostly sweet/tangy fruits and foody .. am open to trying new scents but don't have much luck with clean/water, chocolate or heavy florals. Current Favorites : Pink Moon, Bewitched, Fae, Cold Moon, Skadi, Midwinter's Eve, Jailbait, Eris, the Living Flame, Blood, Bastet

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    dragons, discworld, quartz crystals, 42, sci fi and fantasy books & audio books (terry pratchett current favorite), disney gargoyles & "villianess" collectables, monty python, pocket dragons, mutating pixels & 3D graphics, HTML, LUSH bathbombs, Amy Brown Faeries (purkle/dark ones mostly)
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  1. My favorite notes in Fae are the sweet notes (heliotrope, peach), so ..along those lines, I'd suggest Bewitched, Midwinter's Eve, Swank and Glitter =)
  2. Aiyahh

    Pink Moon 2005

    I was afraid this one would be super floral but it's a soft pastel pink type of scent on me. I get a cotton candy and strawberry mostly and as it drys down there's a bit of vanilla mixed in with soft florals in addiction to the candy scent.
  3. Aiyahh

    Centzon Totochtin

    I get the unsweetened dark cocoa and wine notes at first and then it mellows and sweetens up a bit with the dry down with the rum comming out just a bit more. The only other thing I can add to the previous reviews is that a sales lady was talking near me (about two or three hours after I applied) and stopped herself mid sentence two or three times and kept sniffing the air and asking what the "OMG, that's SO delicious" smell was
  4. Aiyahh

    Chaos Theory

    Chaos Theory XCIV : A sweet vanilla berry candy scent with a bit of milkiness mixed with light touches of soft florals and powder. It's a lighthearted and delicate scent, very bright and bouncy and reminds me of the Living Flame (or the candy-like Jailbait) mixed with a cream like Sudha Segara or Chaste moon. Smooth, sweet and creamy but with some light twinkling notes at the same time. Previously reviewed by ninglor.
  5. Aiyahh

    Three Witches

    Warm cinnamon, husky clove and white pepper. I get pure cinnamon with this on as well, certain (lucky) days there's a very faint sweet clove in the background. I get more of the clove and a very faint hint of the pepper along with the cinnamon when I wear it in a scent locket however
  6. Aiyahh

    CCNow Questions & Problems

    I had a CCNow order that didn't "ship" until two weeks after I placed it, would the lab start filling out an order before the credit card was approved (mine doesn't take very long to get approval in other places, on or offline)? Paypal always takes my creditcard immediately, is it better to order through them instead? I know I'm going to forget a shipping charge or something if I have to fill it in myself, lol
  7. Aiyahh

    Motivation help needed!

    *grins* How about Wrath? I find I expend more (focused) energy when I'm pissy than when I'm all bouncy and happy (which is my normal state @ gemini)
  8. Aiyahh

    Gift Certificates?

    I would love to see gift certificate with included shipping as an option as well =) I always feel slightly guilty when my friends get a gift but have to spend more just to use it