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    When I first put this on, it was all almond and that was pretty much all I could smell in the bottle as well. After a few hours, the almond has sunk to the background (surprising since it was so strong to begin with) and the cinammon is the primary scent on me, followed by the frankincense with a little vanilla and a hint of heliotrope. I wish the almond was still more prominent on me but it's very pretty, nonetheless. I will probably keep it with me so I can reapply and get an additional hit of almond throughout the day. Undecided about whether I'll get a bigger bottle.
  2. nic

    Lady MacBeth

    The berry was very sweet when I first put it on but now that it's had a few hours to settle the wine is coming out and it's really lovely.
  3. I don't know if this will help but these are the notes in Gucci EDP: Heliotrope, Orange Blossom, Vanilla and Orris Absolutes
  4. nic


    I don't mean to downplay how beautiful Jester is - I really do love it. But when I first put it on, I was hit by...Strawberry Bubblicious. It's this great berry sweetness that's just so pure and fresh. This is a great daytime scent for me, it makes me feel young and bright.
  5. nic

    Le Serpent Qui Danse

    In the bottle I almost thought I smelled patchouli but obviously it was just my odd nose. That went away as soon as I put it on my wrist and it was very much all about the violet. Very pretty but not prissy at all. Two hours later, it's a lovely blend of gardenia and violet. I like gardenia but it usually doesn't work on me, violet does though and that's making the gardenia wearable. I'm wary about florals but Bathos from Lush made me love violet and I've always liked the way gardenia smells on others. I don't smell much vanilla yet, however, I'm hoping it will come out more in a few hours. I have a feeling that will be my favorite stage. One caveat, it may just be my chemistry but this is very strong on me. It's lovely but I will need to be careful not to overapply since I'm used to scents that fade more quickly.
  6. nic

    I need help with a database.

    I wish I wasn't in the middle of a system upgrade at work and moving at home. I would love to design a database for you. If you haven't figured out anything by March, I will probably have some spare time by then to put it together for you in Access. I think you could probably use it with a run-time version so you wouldn't have to have the full version of Access. -Nicole
  7. nic


    It's funny because when I first put this on it smelled powdery to me and usually that doesn't happen until dry-down. But with Spellbound it's gone the opposite and after an hour or so, the powdery smell has subsided and it's purely rose and musk. Elizabeth sent this as a sample and while it is a truly lovely, sophisticated floral, it's just not me at all. I think my mother would absolutely adore it though so I'm going to recommend it to her. She's always worn Chanel 22 and this reminds me of it.
  8. Actually I'm going the end of April so I'm hoping it will just be a nice warm escape from the Seattle "Spring". I'm going for Jazz Fest and to meet my beau's family who live there. I'm glad to hear that the humidity won't be as bad as I thought - I can deal with heat since before moving to Seattle two years ago, I spent most of my life in Phoenix. I'm just not used to any humidity. I discovered in Key West last year that most of the heavier perfumes I wear just don't work well in humidity and light florals just aren't me. I'm checking out some of the fruit and tea blends to see if those might work.
  9. I'm going to New Orleans in May and I'm already trying to figure out which oils to bring so don't feel bad, you're not alone. Obviously, I'll bring Old New Orleans but I'm trying to figure out what scents will be good with heat and humidity too since I don't usually have to worry about that in Seattle.
  10. nic

    The Star

    Oh my, I smell absolutely delicious. When I smelled this in the bottle, I had a hard time picking out any notes but when I put it on it had a very strong candy scent, like lemon drops. Once it dried, it instantly reminded me of Key Lime Pie - but the shot not the desert. The coconut is there but, as the others said, it's a different coconut, very deep and, on me, it comes out more the longer I wear it. It makes the scent much more complex and keeps it from being too sticky sweet. This is going on my "buy a big bottle" list as I plan on wearing it all summer and would love to blend it into a lotion.
  11. nic

    Site update.

    Oh lordy - no work will be done today, I must read every new word. I've only tried 5 of the 20 oils I received Friday. So much for trying all of them before placing another order.
  12. nic

    Dragon's Milk

    I was unsure about this one when I smelled it in the bottle - I thought it might be a little too "hippy" smelling for me. But as soon as I put it on, I was in love. There's something so familiar about it. I smell the Dragon's Blood and Vanilla equally after about 2 hours and it manages to be warm and subtly sexy all at the same time. I can't stop smelling my wrists! I really hope this one lasts on me but either way, I'm buying a big bottle and I'll carry it around with me to reapply if necessary.
  13. nic

    Snake Oil

    This dried very powdery on me. I'm not sure I love it by itself but it's something I will use with some of the other oils. I put Swank on over it and the Snake Oil really toned down some of the sharpness of Swank. I really loved the combination.
  14. nic


    Elizabeth included this sample with my order and I really liked it. I think it's the heliotrope that really comes out on me since everyone who smelled it was trying to place the floral but couldn't. It's not overly floral though, the other notes blend very well. This one also had good staying power on me.