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  1. ashariel

    Empyreal Mist

    Empyreal Mist is also one of my favorite oils. It smells like rain and white flowers, but it's not sickeningly sweet. It's just green and fresh, and it reminds me of springtime.
  2. ashariel

    The Red Queen

    First impression out of the bottle and on my skin, wet: cherry Swisher Sweets. Thankfully, that faded after about 10 mins and mellowed into this sweet woody scent. It reminds me of winters spent in a wood-paneled den.
  3. ashariel


    This is also one of my favorites. It mellows out fairly quickly on my skin, so I need to apply more than I usually do with other scents. It smells very clean, sweet, watery, and crisp; something perfect for the summer.
  4. ashariel


    I wanted to like Namaste. Unfortunately, the lemongrass scent never died down on my skin, and instead I had to scrub it off my arm. It smelled a bit like Lemon Pledge on my skin.
  5. ashariel

    Wings of Azrael

    So far, Wings of Azrael is my favorite scent. It's a lovely floral, but it has these dusky, grounded, earthy notes that create a perfect counterpoint to the flowers.