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  1. le-champignon

    The She-Goat

    Wild juniper, dry grasses, California sagebrush, Monterey cypress, and California lilacs. I received this today. I had to order, despite my fear of florals, because I'm collecting all goat-related scents. Initial impressions: This is extremely soft. Like, I dabbed it on my arm three times before I could really smell it. This is very much the scent of dried (and drying) vegetal matter in the sun, sweetened by the lilacs. I've had it on for over an hour and so far, thankfully, the lilacs do not jump out and hammer me on the head with blossoms. Update: doing some research: "California lilac" is in the genus Ceanothus, not the main lilac genus Syringa. The leaves of some Ceanothus species have been used as a substitute for black tea. The Ceanothus Wikipedia article linked above says: "A few species are reported to be intensely fragrant almost to the point of being nauseating, and are said to resemble the odor of "boiling honey in an enclosed area"." That may explain why I don't hate this. I love honey scents, and it is striking me as much more of a sweetness than an floral.
  2. le-champignon

    The Harvest of the Empress

    I'm not the greatest describer of BPAL scents, but here's my impression. I put this on about 12:30am. Initially it seems sweet and light. I don't particularly get the wheat stalks or hay smell at all. I have goats that eat hay and bed in wheat straw, so I know what those smell like. About 1 am I realize that what this reminds me of most is clove drops hard candy in the bag, not in your mouth. You have to go meet the clove; it doesn't jump out and beat you over the head. Then I fall asleep... for a long time. When I woke up in the morning, this had dried down extremely close to the skin and I detected the sweet dried vegetal scents of hay and wheat straw. Very subtle at this point. I wonder what I missed during the night.
  3. le-champignon

    Mirror of Famous Generals of Japan

    To think I only ordered a decant of this because the bottle was going to be cancelled without another person signing on for this one. This is the closest thing I've ever smelled to Loviatar (RIP), though it is more subtle and stays a lot closer to the skin than Loviatar did. The leather asserts itself first, then blends into this earthy, husky, filthy (but in a very disciplined way, if you know what I mean) base. I've only had it on for 15 minutes and I keep huffing my wrists, being reminded of things I'm not going to write about on the internet, and thinking "don't fade, don't fade!" This will be a bottle purchase unless something really weird happens between it and my skin in the next few hours.
  4. le-champignon

    Fire for Thy Stepmother's Daughters

    I'm glad that I am not the only one who ended up smelling this as a floral. It is an odd scent, and not for me, because of that floral quality.
  5. le-champignon

    Mother Shub's Spiced Lait de Chèvre

    I recently lucked into an almost full 2009 bottle. As others have described better than I can, it's a gentle, warm, milky, sweet skin smell with subtle spice. It didn't seem to change much from bottle to wet to dry. I put it on before bed, since it seems soothing and calming. I woke up 9 hours later and it is still there, smelling the same, only a bit more faint. Not much throw at any point, but I'm fine with that.
  6. le-champignon

    Goat BPAL? Hay and goats?

    Hey, I'm another goat lady. I have 4 Nigerian Dwarf goats, all black and white. 3 wethers and a tiny doe. YAY GOATS! Unicorn and Ram is kind of warm and ruminant-y, if you can get your hooves on it.