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  1. 12catcrazy

    Carnaval Diabolique recommendations

    You mean that there's MORE coming??? OMG - at this rate I'm going to have to get a 2nd job!
  2. 12catcrazy

    Carnaval Diabolique recommendations

    Hi all! I've only been aware of BPAL for about 3 months, but a serious addiction has already set in! Before I go totally broke, I'd love to have a short list of Carnaval Diabolique scents to try. So far, I've bought bottles of Parliment of Monsters and Priala, both of which I totally, totally, love, and Midway and Zarita, both of which do nothing for me (can hardly smell either of them on my skin). From my experience with other BPAL scents, my skin and nose seem to do best with resins, woods, spices, and aquatics. Florals are kind of iffy - some (like Pele and Hod) are great, but the majority either seem too perfumey, and/or give me a splitting heachache and sinus problems. BPAL rose seems to go either way - one of my faves is Rose Cross, but Black Rose was kind of unpleasant. Oh, and I also like Dragon's Blood and most of the DB scents (is DB considered a resin?). Anyway, there are alot more of CD's to try and it seems as if I missed out on the decant circles, so I'd love some suggestions to narrow down the choices. I'm planning on buying a couple of bottles of my faves before the Carnaval leaves town, but the clock is tickin...
  3. Speaking of Leo 07 - I am MADLY in love with that scent, as well as Red Moon 07. Please, for the sanity of a BPAL newbie, can anyone tell me if there are any GC equivelents for these scents??? Why, oh why, am I going totally nuts for LE scents when there are so many GC scents
  4. I had to come here and report: tried the Miskontic U imp today and I've finally found a BPAL scent that I can't wear! The stuff goes on like the sweetest hazelnut coffee I've ever smelled - gave me a headache and made my eyes burn to boot. The hazelnut died down a bit and then I was left with some ultra-sweet really icky smell. Maybe the "buttered popcorn" a few reviewers mentioned? I was SO disappointed, esp since I've tried about 8 BPAL scents so far and this is the first that I thought smelled awful and kind of turned my stomach. Win some, lose some... For happier news, I won an eBay bottle of La Dias de la Muertos, and that really rocked! A frimp of Centzon Totochtin was thrown in the package and that gives me an Ojonish type of scent. So far, it looks as if I can wear the dark chocolate scents - a couple frimps of Bliss were also thrown in, and I'm not so fond of that (but then again, milk chocalate isn't my thing either). I've got something like 45 imps right now, and have barely made a dent in them so the fun continues - I'll keep y'all updated.
  5. Happy to say that I just placed my 2nd BPAL order (still waiting on the first) and I ordered an imp of Velvet as well as Miskatonic U. I can see that BPAL addiction is really setting in. I ordered 18 imps on my first order, 18 imps on the second, and also bottles of Blue Moon, Thunder Moon, and Selkie. I had bought some imps from Visual Worlds on the forum, and she kindly threw in some extras, so I have had at least a few BPAL scents to play with. Its amazing how the scents grow on you! I'm not a commercial type of perfume person, so I'm surprised at how much I'm loving my BPAL imps! I usually don't care for aquatic or ozone scents, but BPAL is so different that I ordered the Moons without hesitation... also stretched my boundries with some of the imps that I've ordered. Its just really hard waiting for that order to arrive. I also won a bottle of Dia de los Muertos on eBay, so I should be getting that around Monday. I don't like commercial "foody" scents, so this should be interesting - please feel free to enable me all you want1
  6. Hi again all! Newbie here with another question - I just placed an imp order for 18 scents from recs on my previous thread, and am already getting a list ready for the next order! Last week, I was in a beauty store and the owner put some Ojon Hair Treatment on my hair to sample using it. I fell madly, deeply, in love with the scent of the stuff. I get the same hair benefits from a $7 jar of shea butter, and I'd rather spend the 50 bucks on more BPAL, so does any BPAL scent smell like the Ojon? If you haven't smelled Ojon, its one of these scents that people seem to either love or hate. I found it to smell like a combo of smoke, chocolate, and maybe dirt. Its very, very unusal, and if you read the Makeup Alley forum, you'll see people describing it in different ways. Some people smell coffee instead of chocolate; many people describe it smelling like a cigar or dirty ashtray. I smell smoke but it sure doesn't smell like a dirty ashtray or I wouldn't like it! (I'm a non-smoker BTW). Anyway, I'd be eternally grateful (at least until my 3rd BPAL order) if someone familar with the Ojon smell could point me in the right direction!