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    Mr. Nancy

    I want to put this on someone and snuggle up to them all night long, I love this scent so much. In the imp I got nothing but the sugar cookies and lime, so I was kind of worried if it was going to be too sweet to wear regularly. It might be still, but I dont' really care. Once the sweetness died down and the tobacco notes came out, it was all good. It's still sweet with just a hint of lime, but the tobacco and the rum are keeping it from being OHAI I AM A COOKIE. Mmm, this is one nummy scent.
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    This scent gives me more reasons to go out to a goth night- this would be perfect! The dark, sweet muskiness from the patchouli, musks and honeysuckle working with the spiciness from the 'black spices' (meaning pepper) and ginger would work perfectly on the dance floor. Oddly enough, I'm also getting some cinnamon from it, but that's not a bad thing. In general, once I get the funds, I might seriously consider buying a bottle of this.