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  1. Blood, in Bewitching Brews, smells a lot like sweet cloves to me.
  2. Jia_Mekare

    A Countenance Forboding Evil

    I had to get an imp of this for two reasons: One, I wanted to see what vetiver did on me, and two, how could anyone not want something called "A countenance forboding EEEVIL? In the imp: Hi patchouli! Wet: Patchouli and incense, with a slight hint of sweetness. VERY slight. Dry: I used to have an incense called Oakmoss and Vetiver, and that is exactly what this smells like on me. And Whooboy, is it lasting. This stayed strong from the minute I put it on until about 5:30 today when I developed a raging headache (Hopefully not from this) and I had to take it off. Or try, anyway. It's 8:17 and I can still smell its ghost. Overall, it's an interesting scent, but way too strong for everyday wear for me. It might be worth trying in an oil burner, though.
  3. Jia_Mekare

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    Dang, those were cute! Thanks.
  4. Jia_Mekare

    What do bottles and labels look like?

    I read in an older thread that the Imps used to have cords and little parchment labels, as opposed to the paper ones used these days. Does anyone have any pictures of those?
  5. Jia_Mekare

    Archangel Winter

    In the bottle: An impossibly faint smell of cold metal. I nearly have to poke my nose into the bottle to smell it. Wet: Well, I can smell it now, and it smells like metal florals. Almost like someone carved flowers into a cold sword...if that makes any sense. Dry: The metal fades away to leave small, pale flowers in its wake. The perfume gets stronger as it dries, and has a longer than average wear length and throw.
  6. Jia_Mekare

    The Dream of the Fisherman's Wife

    Why haven't I reviewed this yet? This scent doesn't change much on me from bottle to skin to drydown. Oddly enough, this is the most traditional-perfume scent that I own from BPAL, being heavy and, well, thick almost, to my nose. Sweetened ambergris is all I really get. It's a keeper, for those times for when I want to feel old-school female.
  7. Jia_Mekare

    Black Rose

    In the imp: It smells a lot like Black Lotus to me- Very resin-y, with an undernote of florals. But this time, I didn't like the underlying florals as much. That's odd- I usually like roses. Wet: "Hah! I make you smell like you were burning Amber incense in your dorm room in secret!" Gee, thanks. Not what I was aiming for though. Dry: Well, I can smell the rose now, but it's yelling "Help! Am being squisherd by Amber" and the combination makes it smell almost like a rose-scented crayon. I would like it if my skin chemistry didn't do STRANGE things to it.
  8. Jia_Mekare

    Miskatonic University

    Miskatonic U, how I looked forward to you...How could you betray me like this? In the imp: Hmm...Dusty tomes, polished wood floors, and...Kettle Corn? What? Oh well, maybe it'll change on my skin... Wet: Well, it changed. The dusty tomes and Wood floors vanished off into distant memory, leaving me...Kettle corn. Oh boy. Dry: Slightly lighter kettle corn. Maybe I just got a wierd batch or something.
  9. Is there anything that is fairly similar to Mechanical Phoenix? It smells excellent on my younger brother, but it also smells excellent on me, and there is no way I'm giving up my only bottle. Anything from the new Phoenix Steamworks line, maybe?
  10. Jia_Mekare

    Blood Phoenix

    In the bottle: This is not just grape, this is grape to the tune of Beethovens fifth. Grape grape grape GRAAAAAAAAPE. Sweet, delicious, REAL grape, as opposed to the fake grape found in so many other non-BPAL scents. They, sirs, fool nobody. Wet: Ladies and gentlemen, you've heard of candied pinapple. You may have heard of candied cherries, and you might have heard of candy apples. BUT! Have you ever heard of candied grapes? Well, you have now. dry: The grape note finally starts to settle down a bit, letting the red musk, myrrh, and ...Carnation? I want to say carnation-come out and make this oil a bit more....perfume-y as opposed to foody. Verdict: Not something I see myself using a lot. I really need to get into trading...
  11. Jia_Mekare


    Damn you, Aquarius! You KNEW I'd get a second Frimp of Fruitcake when I ordered you! Imp: Well, the label doesn't lie. It smells like wonderful sweet boozy fruitcake. Wet: On my skin, the booze kinda disappears and the cake portion smells sweet and edible. Dry: The Cake disappears, and the fruit that's left smells like Bath and Body Works Gumdrop stuff from the past holiday season. Mmm. Gumdrop-y goodness. (Except better, cause it's BPAL. ^_-) I like the scent enough to keep the Frimps, but I don't see me wearing it often because it makes me rediculously hungry.
  12. Jia_Mekare

    Aquarius 2007

    *High Falsetto Voice* This is the dawning of the age of aquarius, age of aquariUS! What can I say? Some of my best friends are aquarians, and this applies to the perfume oil as well. Bottled: Sweet, light mint. I think that's the anise. it's not a very strong smell in the bottle. Wet: The Myrrh comes out to play with the anise, and the result is sweet and incense-y and holy with a slight hint of coldness. Dry: I'm assuming that floral that developed is the Wisteria, which plays well with the Anise and Myrrh. No adult supervision required. It likes me! It really likes me!
  13. Jia_Mekare


    In the imp: My WORD, this is tangy. That's no perfume oil, that's a CRANBERRY STATION! It's also a lovely color. Wet/dry on skin (Virtually no difference): This is such a heavy perfume on me and it makes me uncomfortable. Every time i shifted my weight, there was CRANBERRY. There was no escape...until I washed it off.
  14. There was a B&BW body spray a few years ago called Red Currant and Thyme Tea, which smelled GREAT on me...so of course it was discontinued. Any suggestions?
  15. Jia_Mekare


    Hello, O, didn't I review you yet? Guess not. Imp: Honey, honey, honey-Wait, is that? No, it's just more honey. Wet on skin: Honey hits adulthood and hooks up with Amber. Honey is still dominant, but Amber is there for the ride. No vanilla yet, which makes me happy. Dry: Mmmm....Still smells like honey, but it's not cloying like I was afraid it was going to be. Amber is now an equal in this little scent relationship, and Vanilla never showed up to crash the party. Interesting side note: My cat loves this perfume on me. Normally she runs out of the room when I'm putting scent on, but not with O. She tries to lick me.