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  1. vonham

    All Hallows Chaos: Samhain

    I got #38! Exciting! My first reaction sniffing it from the bottle is that is smells like the pumpkin musk I had also just gotten, mixed with Samhain. On the skin I still get that muskiness, but with a sharpness that reminds me of dead leaves. There is something slightly off putting about it, and I haven't decided if I like it yet or not. My partner thinks it smells like a musty goodwill shop . I think I'll age this a bit and go back to it.
  2. vonham

    Fortuna Muliebris

    This is all lavender and sage on me, with just a beautiful background of sandalwood. This isn't my cup of tea for wearing as a perfume (as others have noted here!), but I definitely want to turn it into some sort of linen spray. I put a couple of drops on my pillow cases and sheets and it was simply lovely. I think it helped me sleep, too.
  3. vonham

    Fortuna Huiusce Diei

    As the above reviews, I get the funkiness too. Only for me, it stays. This one just really didn't work which was upsetting because I blind bottled it because it sounded so amazing. I wish I knew what note in it ruined it for me though, so I know to avoid that note again.
  4. yes!! This is one of my favorites! I loooove red musk which is great because I amp it a lot. What I love most about hellish tattoo is that when I first put it on it smells really strongly of almonds but then as it dries down it just melds with my skin almost like I sweat out red musk lol. Have you tried psychodynamic discharge? Another red musk fav of mine.
  5. vonham

    The Hellish Tattoo of The Heart

    Ah, this is my first review! I'm relatively new to BPAL and so when I saw there weren't many reviews for this I decided to add my own! Out of the bottle: almond. I definitely smell the almond quite sharply out of the bottle and it made me wary Wet: PEPPER! I really like pepper scents which is why I got this one. I still smell the bitter almond and I think it works really well together with the pepper. Wet it is borderline foody (kind of like red hots), but the musk really balances it out. Some musks turn to baby powder on me (I think like "white musk" and "skin musk" for bpal) but not this! I wonder if it's similar to the red musk that's in Wanda for example, because it does smell similar to me, and works on my skin like Wanda does. Because of the pepper though (I think?) , this scent does irritate my skin mildly, but I have ridiculously sensitive skin and I just deal with it because it's so lovely. Dry: pepper! Dry the blood musk kind of ceases to do it's mellowing out work on me, and I get straight up pepper. I kinda like that, though. Also, when I sweat and stuff the musk sort of comes back to life. Throw and wear length: The throw on this is incredible! I have very dry skin and so very few scents have good throw or wear time on me (sad face), but this one is amazing! It also lasts incredibly long on me. It's one of those scents that kind of just fluctuates with my body chemistry. Anyways, I really really love this scent and it is competing with Wanda to be my new go-to. I'm definitely going to restock as much as possible before it gets taken off.