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  1. wyndham

    New Orleans

    So this is jasmine! I've been doing the bpal thing for a over a year now, but somehow this was first real encounter with it. I feel like I finally 'get' it now. On me, New Orleans is *very* jasmine, and the jasmine goes strangely unpleasant. I think this is the sort of thing I'd like to sniff in short doses, like if I had the flowers in a vase... it's just too much for me to wear.
  2. wyndham

    Springtime scents

    I'm loving Amsterdam right now. The aquatic note keeps the florals soft and quiet rather than omgsweet, and it's very pretty. The only probably is that it fades very very quickly - it can use a slather, and some reapplication too.
  3. wyndham

    La Vita Nuova

    I was surprised by how floral this one ended up being on me. In the vial, I got a nice hit of that champagne grape, but on, I mostly got rose with a little apple blossom. If I had to give this one a color, I'd say pale green.
  4. I don't usually wear anything to the gym, but I love wearing Fire Pig when out jogging in the neighborhood. It really can be energizing! Haven't tried it with Earth Rat yet, but I could see it might work the same way.
  5. wyndham

    Ebisu Making Love As Two Octopuses Look On

    This really seems to be one where experience varies! On me, Ebisu was sweet sweet orangey fruitness. I was hoping for something a little quieter, a shade darker, and I was disappointed not to get anything aquatic out of it.
  6. wyndham


    I'm looking for something with a blueberry note. I did a search of the forums, but didn't come up with anything... is there anything out there, does anyone know?